Book - Inside Strategy:
Value Creation From Within Your Organization

Authors: Shawn M. Galloway and Terry L. Mathis
Publisher: SCE Press
Released March 16 2016

Ask any two people what strategy is and you're likely to get two different answers. Ask those same two people how strategic thinking generates value at all levels from within an organization and you'll probably be met with blank stares. Ever since strategy gained currency as an organizational concept in the 1960s, there's been confusion about how to define it. Strategy isn't a detailed plan of action. Nor is it a corporate vision, or an objective, or a mission statement. Strategy is not what to think. It's how to think.

Most books on strategy focus on external strategy: competition with rivals in business, or overcoming the enemy on the battlefield. This book is different. The authors take strategic thinking and give it a new focus of attention inside your organization. Inside Strategy is aimed at aligned continual performance improvement. Inside Strategy gives you - and everyone in your organization - a method of managing an unknown future to create new value for your internal and external customers, every day.

From the authors of the best-selling book, STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence!

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"Great book on safety strategy. This book is the next step (or STEP) in safety strategy development. While their book STEPS lays out all of these concepts, it is also dense with information and requires some time to digest. This book is an easy read and really probes at the "Why" question. Many people look for easy answers on safety. There aren't any but this book provides you with the questions that should be asked. When faced with thinking about strategy, safety professionals have had to translate/try to interpret externally focused books into what they are working on. This book has specifically focused on safety strategy and provides great guidance to build on."

Kelvin Roth, Director - Corporate Environmental Health & Safety, CF Industries

"Shawn Galloway does it again. He takes complicated principles and makes them simple for all of us. Strategy is so important... but so are tactics. Just like 'executives are important and so are front line leaders'. The penetrating questions he poses in "Inside Strategy" are potent and powerful. I plan to take my multi-national team through this book and answer these questions knowing that it'll make us better, stronger, and more equipped to face the future. (from one U.S. Army veteran to another)...
'Thank you, Shawn for your insight, your passion, and your willingness to help and equip others on their journey towards a Culture of (safety) EXCELLENCE."

Kirk Bagnal,, Director of Global Environment, Health, and Safety, Domtar Personal Care

"Most books on safety seem to turn into regurgitated information from all the other books and manuals already in existence. 'Inside Strategy' throws all of that out the window. Shawn and Terry bring an approach rarely discussed in a safety aspect when it comes to success - the STRATEGY of how to get there. By building upon the simple three part concept discussed in the writings it is almost impossible not to reap the rewards of continued improved safety excellence. This book is a must read at all levels. Outstanding information in an easily understandable format."

Dennis Leonard, Safety Director, Cherne Contracting Company

"Inside Strategy is a must-have for leaders on a mission. When you don't know where to start on your improvement journey, Shawn and Terry offer practical and valuable guidance, almost a road map, for seeing, defining, and setting strategic direction. When you can't quite wrap your arms around an action plan, read this book. Inside Strategy takes into consideration where your organization is, where you want it to be, and most importantly, the people that live the culture within it. When you understand, like these experts do, that behavior drives the success you desire, you are more apt to focus on the right things. Shawn and Terry combine thought provoking questions with accounts of "been there" that get you to focus on those right things."

Karen Korte Boulanger, Director-Safety, Ameren Illinois

"ProAct Safety has been a valuable resource for the reference and implementation of safety culture strategy for over two decades. Inside Strategy artfully takes the impactful ProAct Safety insights of safety culture to the more broad applications of full organizational culture. Inside Strategy raises the bar for strategic thinking today and future generations."

Scott Steinford, CEO, Trust Transparency Consulting

"Inside Strategy challenges the reader to step outside of the traditional business strategy thinking, and look much deeper in the individual core components that make an organizational strategy successful."

Danial Bravard, Associate Vice President - Risk Management and Safety, Memorial Hermann

"Strategy - we can all define it, we think. Galloway and Mathis take a fresh look at this topic and make a compelling case to re-think business strategy in new terms: inside our organizations. Not many companies understand how important our internal strategies are to creating long-lasting business success and deep value. Inside Strategy is a thoughtful and thorough piece of work that starts with first principles and leads the reader on a logical and compelling journey. When you are done with the book you will be left with an urgent desire to get to work on developing your own internal business strategies. This book is a worthwhile investment."

Bill MacPherson, Mill Manager, Domtar

"Through their book Inside Strategy, Shawn Galloway and Terry Mathis provide an excellent framework for using strategic thinking to improve performance within any organization. Their work with my former organization helped us to identify the critical few issues, formulate a strategy for change, drive alignment and develop a roadmap for implementation. In this book they lay out a philosophy of continuous improvement that draws on everything from the Greek classics to their experience in the trenches of business."

Stan Goleman, SVP Operations, Retired, EnLink Midstream

"This well written guide to strategy execution contains questions that while simple, are amazingly clarifying at focusing us on the path to excellence."

Paul Walsh, President & COO, Ascent Aerospace, LLC