STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence Workshop

STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence: Strategic Targets for Excellent Performance in Safety

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Workshop Investment (cost) $695 per attendee until 45 days in advance, then $795 per attendee


  • 5-9 people = 10% off registration

  • 10-19 people = 15% off registration

  • 20+ people = 20% off registration

Workshop Leader     Shawn M Galloway, CEO

Schedule   8:30-16:00, lunch included
*Event venue will be confirmed at least 45 days prior to the workshop.
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  • February 27 — Houston, TX, Registration closed.

Workshop Description

Based on the book, STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence, author Shawn M. Galloway leads this advanced workshop on how to create a culture of safety excellence, step by step.

  • Recommended: It would be helpful if each attendee read or listened to the book before the event to streamline conversations and expedite the learning process.

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STEPS is a universal process for identifying, prioritizing, and solving safety problems at the organizational, behavioral, conditional, or cultural levels. Using one process for addressing all safety issues eliminates the need for continuously bringing in new consultants, programs, and approaches that create the "flavor of the month" mentality. ProAct Safety compiled data on over 1,100 sites that requested our help in improving safety, finding commonalities of site issues and leading to a new approach to solving safety problems and permanently implementing continuous improvement. This approach includes organizational structure, problem identification, issue prioritization, action plan development, improvement metrics, and a motivational and marketing strategy to ensure sustainability. The process is called STEPS (Strategic Targets for Excellent Performance in Safety SM ).

Businesses require strategies to capture market share, create shareholder value and provide competitive value for the consumer. Safety, too, competes for market share in the discretionary attention and engagement of the workforce. Safety has both shareholders and customers, and safety excellence is only possible when there is alignment in the belief that safety is less about cost- reduction and more about how it provides competitive value and an improvement in quality of life with the consumers of its efforts. It is vital the decision processes for business and safety objectives are aligned and complement, rather than conflict with, one another.

Strategy is a framework of choices an organization makes to determine how to capture and deliver value. Therefore, strategy is defining "How will we win?" and not "How will we fail less?" Leaders will learn how the best in safety leverage proven business models to develop and execute against a strategy for excellence in safety performance and culture that evolves from focusing on reducing injuries and events to adding value to profitability, productivity, and the customers of the improvement efforts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a solid understanding of a safety excellence strategy.
  • Understand how organizations ensure their safety strategy supports, rather than conflicts with, business strategy.
  • Examine a standard methodology used by excellent safety organizations to identify virtually any type of safety issue or problem.
  • Explore innovative ways to measure success and progress.
  • Recognize how zero injuries is the byproduct of a strategy that focuses on capturing and delivering value.
  • Learn how other organizations measure the value contribution of safety improvement efforts and, through the right measures, feel confident the results are real, impacting people the right way and sustainable.
  • Learn how other companies have aligned on a standard vision for safety excellence and made choices site by site that strategically close the gap from their current to the desired state.
  • Understand practical steps hundreds of organizations have taken to achieve and sustain a culture of safety excellence by developing and executing against a strategy for safety excellence in both performance and culture.

REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY: We reserve the right to cancel an event up to 30 days in advance, in which case a full refund applies. Attendee may cancel registration up to 60 days prior to an event, in which case a full refund minus 3% administrative fee applies. Cancellations under 60 days to two weeks prior to the event receive a 50% credit for future use. Credits can be used for one full year from original event date for any event, product or subscription purchases. After one year, all credits expire. No refunds or credits apply to cancellations less than two weeks in advance.
Any event cancelled due to Force Majeure will be refunded minus processing fees, or issued as a full credit to be used for attendance at other ProAct Safety public or private events or for copies of published books, whichever the customer chooses.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: This event qualifies for CM or COC credits toward maintaining accreditation. Attendees may request documentation after the course is complete.


"A Must Have for Safety Strategy Development. This book provides a tremendous framework for developing your safety strategy. Quit chasing injuries and start your journey to excellence. This book tackles all areas of strategy development from creating a vision to determining metrics. A must have for any safety professional."


"Great book. We bought this for our leadership team to read. After reading it there were many questions that we had to ask of ourselves about our already Good Safety Program and Culture. Highly recommend getting this book if you want ways to improve your Safety Program and Culture."

Dennis Barnett

Challenges Traditional Thinking "I would highly recommend this book to anyone who leads safety or people in general. This is a step by step road map to develop and continuously improve your existing culture to excellence. I found myself reading the STEPS over and over again. This book is rich in information that is results-oriented and extremely practical to start in your organization today. I find myself referring back to this book on a regular basis. Terry and Shawn are truly leading the safety industry to excellence and consistently challenge the status quo of traditional thinking"

DJ Savoy, EHS & HR Manager

"Whether you are running a safety program or simply looking for leadership principles that can change a culture, this book is a MUST HAVE! "The perfect ending of every journey is not where it takes you, but what it makes you" (Mathis & Galloway, 2013, p.ix). If you have a leadership team I recommend reading this book along with your team, to foster a culture of excellence!"

K. Parker, Vice President

"Recommend Steps to Safety Culture Excellence to safety professionals and managers in the work place. Easy read to follow for improving the safety culture in your company and personal outlook."


"As a ProAct Safety follower I was really looking forward to a book that could put all of what our Plant has learned in to a step-by-step guide to keep our journey towards safety culture excellence moving forward. This book is all of that, and more. Shawn and Terry's knowledge, shared experiences and passion for safety makes this book a must read for any organization. Each milestone (STEP) in the book does just what I want a book to achieve, attain more knowledge, further my passion for safety, but more important, being able to apply the learnings in to your organization. Our Plant is implementing and adjusting some of our STEPS."

Mark Casebeer

Excellent book with clear and tangible information - MUST READ for any safety professional! "This book is a true must read for any safety professional who is or is trying to bring about a shift in their safety "culture" approach. Currently, I have read through this twice - as much as we feel, as safety professionals, that we get it - Terry and Shawn continue to show us (me?) that there are many things we take for granted and shouldn't. The book illustrates clearly and profoundly the importance of having a "TRUE" safety strategy, one that is not just communicated, but EFFECTIVELY communicated at all levels throughout the organization. Although all the STEPs may not apply to everyone, I found that I took something positive away from each one although some more than others. I challenged my management team with the questions in each of the STEPs and found that some have quite different interpretations than that of the main senior managment team - which leads to less clear expectations to those reporting up to those management members. As a senior safety professional in a senior role in my company I recommend ALL of you look at having everyone who are leading others in your pursuits to safety excellence read this book and participate in the questions and exercises. To me, those make the whole book - it is tangible and reflective of how well the message has been previously communicated and how to move forward with the message and the strategy decided upon. As always, Shawn and Terry, you continue to make me stronger and more educated everytime we have some form of contact or communication. Thank you for saying what it is so clearly that even I can comprehend it!"

Dennis L.

"Wow, I can't wait for the whole book to come out. What an introduction, thank you for keeping me inspired. After 34 years of working in our factory the legacy you talked about is what I strive for every day."

Mark Casebeer, Plant Safety Representative

"Energetic speaker that laid out strategies clearly" "Excellent speaker with a good message" "Mr. Mathis' presentation will help me improve how we look at safety culture. Great class..." "Outstanding presentation!" "Terry Mathis & ProAct Safety really gets it." "Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenter. Offered up some good take aways." "Very knowledgeable and shared tips and ideas that can be implemented now."

ASSE Safety 2012 Attendees

Mr. Galloway did a PHENOMENAL job in his presentation. I not only enjoyed his easy style, but learned a lot. Of particular interest was his diagram on the safety excellence "bridge." He also "hit the nail on the head" for multiple other areas (i.e., alignment in strategic direction, perception barriers, coaching, safety "branding" issues, etc.) Thank you so much for this most informative session!"

ASSE Safety2012 Attendee

"I have had the pleasure of working with Shawn on two plant-level safety transformations. In both cases, Shawn drove lasting and sustained safety improvement by elevating the skills and capabilities of the management team and, at the same time, transforming the attitudes of production employees. Both assignments were extremely challenging - older facilities with established cultures and ways of working. Success in such environments truly demonstrates the efficacy and utility of Shawn's approach and abilities. I would recommend him and his firm without hesitation to anyone that is serious about transforming their safety culture."

Yurij Wowczuk, General Manager, Illinois Tool Works