Leadership Safety Coaching Workshop

Safety Leadership Development

"When the leaders don't lead, the followers don't follow." This is especially true in safety. Leaders constantly communicate priorities and strategies to their workers, whether they intend to or not. With training, leaders can take active control of the messages they send to promote safety as an organizational value. They can set levels of expectation that point everyone in the direction of safety excellence and exert a positive influence on the formation of safety culture.

Safety COP or COACHsm?

Most managers and supervisors don't have the latest training and tools for safety performance, rather than policing for safety results. . This lack of training often results in trying to police the workforce rather than coaching, which impacts performance in the absence of the leader. Policing safety has proven to be a less-than-perfect method of improving accident and severity rates and often promotes underreporting. Becoming an effective coach can leverage a manager's or supervisor's influence to make significant gains in accident reductions. Coaching skills also improve other areas of performance including quality and productivity as well as safety. The benefits to the organization impact almost every area of human performance. Are you ready to Create Ownership and Change Happens (COACHSM)?

Training Leaders to be Safety Coaches

The training contains the latest behavioral coaching techniques and directly applies them to improving safety. A model for counseling problem employees or addressing serious safety situations is also included. The design of the training utilizes advanced learning techniques and helps attendees to apply the models in the classroom to reality-based scenarios right out of the workplace. It is important that this training be customized to fit your culture, existing leadership styles and work environment for relevancy and rapid results.


Organizations that have implemented Leadership Safety Coaching have experienced accident reduction up to 55% the first year. Some organizations have used this training to prepare for employee-involvement safety strategies such as Behavior-Based Safety or OSHA's VPP and others have used it after such initiatives. Whatever your current status, providing these skills to your leaders can have a significant impact on the overall safety culture within your organization.


"On behalf of GATX Corporation, I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your efforts to support the safety program at our Hearne, TX railcar maintenance facility over the past 18 months. ProAct's Site Strategy and Cultural Safety Assessment and subsequent Leadership Workshop have had a significant impact on the effectiveness of the Hearne management team in managing safety risk. Additionally, your coaching relationship with our Plant Manager has also had a noticeable impact on his development as a leader at the facility. Your approach and efforts have surely contributed to the ∽ 50% year-over-year reduction in recordable incident rate at the facility.

Thanks again and we will certainly let you know if any additional opportunities to help any of our facilities or facility leadership teams in the future."

Jeff Nee, VP, Operations, Hearne, TX, GATX Corporation

"We recently invited Shawn Galloway to speak at our leadership development training. Shawn's approach impressed me from the beginning. Instead of just rolling out a canned leadership presentation, Shawn asked us a lot of questions during our first phone conversation that were geared towards finding out what we wanted to accomplish by having him speak to our group. Shawn tailored his message to address our needs and our specific goals. Shawn's presentation was spot on and the group discussions that Shawn facilitated afterwards really got our team thinking of improvement strategies. Shawn's presentation and interaction with our team exceeded my expectations."

Stephen Laramore, Health & Safety Manager, Colowyo Coal Company

"One of the best presenters in past 3 yrs." "Great topic, thanks." "I learned effective ways to approach employees about safety and how to look at unsafe conditions." "Very valuable session that covers more than safety, but provide positive solutions for positive outcomes! Great job Terry! Thank you!"

Attendees, MN Safety & Loss Control Conference

"The Leadership BBS coaching workshop that Terry Mathis put on, at our site provided our entire group with tools that will help each individual improve the overall motivation of the personnel performing the actual BBS observations, in our mature program. His message was exactly what we needed to move our safety program in a positive direction. Since Terry's presentation/training, the management team has been able to better support our workers, and our numbers and quality of observations have improved significantly. These factors have certainly led to a safer working environment for our folks, with fewer and less significant incidents. Thanks again for working with us, and tailoring the training in a positive direction!"

John Cerutti Jr., Sandia National Labs

"The 'Leadership Safety Coaching' workshop held at our facility with Shawn Galloway was excellent. We were looking for a workshop to aid us in the development of our coaching for safety and ProAct provided an excellent program to meet our needs. I feel one of the most important messages from Shawn was 'When an unsafe act is performed, the most likely outcome is nothing will happen.' This is the hardest hurdle to overcome and prevent an unexpected accident. The workshop provided our leaders with knowledge and information to help our employees and contractors improve behavior safety."

David Rodgers, ES&H Manager, INEOS Phenol

"ProAct worked directly with our supervisors identifying what elements were needed to become safety leaders and how to implement these principles within their own work groups. The feedback from even long term managers was overwhelming positive which has not only produced noticeable improvements in safety behavior, but has energized the employees around safety in general. I would highly recommend using ProAct, particularly for improving safety culture and behavior."

Steven Caddell, Division Manager, Plains All American Pipeline

"Thank you for the opportunity to express our appreciation. While I don't believe that we are finished, we have certainly accomplished what we set out to do and your performance exceeded my expectation. Thank you for all that you have done for us Shawn."

Sean Atkins, Vice President Compliance, Crosstex Energy

"We engaged Shawn to help us develop a Safety Leadership Workshop that we could replicate across all our facilities. Shawn's expertise and experience were a welcome addition. He provided valuable insight to our process."

David Boinstall, VP EH&S, NewPage Corporation

"I have heard a lot of speakers in my time but Mr. Terry has been one of the best. I was very impressed! I feel like Mr. Terry has given us a game plan or strategies to make us all better on coaching our guys to want to work safely."

Michael Johnson, Senior VP, AMCOL/President, CETCO Oilfield Services

"If you want to engage and energize your employees Shawn is the guy to hire. He recently spoke to our group of HSES professionals and many people have told me how much they enjoyed his presentations. For those of you in the safety field Shawn "Gets It" and can communicate "It" to a broad audience. I knew when I looked over and saw the site manager (~7,000 employees onsite) taking notes we had the right speaker!"

Steven Addington, Industrial Safety Specialist, Eastman Chemical Company

"Shawn has been a great contributor for Canadian Occupational Safety, as a regular columnist and host of our monthly video series, Culture Shock with Shawn Galloway. Shawn is a very engaging motivational speaker. His vast expertise in safety leadership and safety culture excellence is evident from the way he talks and interacts with people, and the audience's reaction to his talks and his articles. Any organization would be lucky to have Shawn as a speaker and/or trainer. I always look forward to hearing him speak at conferences."

Mari-Len De Guzman, Editor, Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine

"The ProAct Safety team nailed the essence of the issues facing successful managers on the safety front and has given them tools to become great leaders."

Ken Ciarletta, Regional Operations Manager, Bluelinx

"I have had the pleasure of working with Shawn on two plant-level safety transformations. In both cases, Shawn drove lasting and sustained safety improvement by elevating the skills and capabilities of the management team and, at the same time, transforming the attitudes of production employees. Both assignments were extremely challenging - older facilities with established cultures and ways of working. Success in such environments truly demonstrates the efficacy and utility of Shawn's approach and abilities. I would recommend him and his firm without hesitation to anyone that is serious about transforming their safety culture."

Yurij Wowczuk, General Manager, Illinois Tool Works

"Somewhere in a dictionary under the definition of effective is a picture of Shawn Galloway with the following attributes listed:

  • Constantly seeking knowledge
  • Able to transfer new information to action
  • A highly effective communicator
  • A human being with a drive to empower his fellow man
  • Most importantly someone that you can trust and depend on

If you want to learn how to be a professional seek out Shawn as a mentor."

Tim Lovley, Director Health & Safety, Dynegy