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Inside Strategy — Value Creation from Within Your Organization: Become the Strategy Guru for Your Organization

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Inside Strategy Workshop Schedule

Workshop Investment (cost) $2,495 per attendees until 45 days in advance, then $2,795 per attendee

*This workshop is only available to end users. No consultants, agencies or other safety service providers are permitted to attend.


  • 5-9 people = 10% off registration

  • 10+ people = 15% off registration

Workshop     Leader Shawn M Galloway, CEO

Schedule    Day 1: 8:30-16:00 / Day 2: 8:30-15:30, lunch included
*Event venue will be confirmed at least 45 days prior to the workshop.
**See full event schedule for events offered consecutively with this workshop.

Workshop Description

Based on the book, Inside Strategy: Value Creation from Within Your Organization, author Shawn M. Galloway leads this advanced two-day workshop that will leave attendees with the competency and confidence to create a strategic roadmap for their organization.

  • Recommended: It would be helpful if each attendee read or listened to the book before the event to streamline conversations and expedite the learning process.

inside strategy framework

Strategy is a plan to achieve success. Most safety efforts are plans to fail less (ie lower incident rates). Failing less is not a strategy. Safety efforts are goals rather than plans to achieve the goals. Goals are also not strategies. Zero accidents, zero harm, or numeric goals for lagging indicators may drive improvement but also might drive cheating or pencil whipping. In either case, they are not strategies. When organizations ask themselves the right questions, they often find they have a series of activities and programs rather than a true strategy. You can change that.

strategic priorities chart

Learn how to leverage the right questions to ask to shape strategy and hear case studies of how otherorganizations have used them to achieve safety performance excellence. Attendees will leave with the confidence to develop a strategy for shaping safety performance and culture within their organization.

10 focus areas for ehs success

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the relationship between business strategy and safety strategy, how focusing on business excellence creates safety excellence, and how focusing on safety excellence can create business excellence.
  • Learn how to establish a site-specific or corporate-wide EHS strategy.
  • Obtain the ability to create a corporate strategic framework that can be leveraged and customized based on the needs regionally or location by location.
  • Discuss how to operationalize the safety strategy so it becomes owned by leaders throughout the company.
  • Review in detail the ten questions necessary to answer for a robust strategy that becomes integrated into the business plan, led by operational leadership and supported by safety leaders.
  • Determine precisely what to focus on to move from any level of maturity closer to becoming a highly reliable organization.
  • Learn the latest thinking on safety excellence and receive strategic and tactical steps to take to improve safety performance and culture.
  • Depart with a plan to return to your organization and mature strategic thinking, resulting in continuous improvement efforts that are more value-focused, rather than knee-jerk reactions.
  • Discover how to create a balanced scorecard that measures the drivers of performance improvement and the value derived from these drivers, as leading indicators alone are inadequate.
  • Leave with tools to ensure the right decision-qualifiers are used to shape strategy and self-assess the efficacy of the current and future safety excellence strategy.

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CONTINUING EDUCATION: This event qualifies for CM or COC credits toward maintaining accreditation. Attendees may request documentation after the course is complete.