Transformational Pareto Analysis

Transformational Behavioral Pareto Analysis

ProAct Safety® has reviewed and analyzed millions of incidents and accidents for thousands of organizations throughout the world. Most of these organizations were seeking expert input into the behavioral preventability of their events, with the goal to determine which ones to focus their culture on to best prevent future events, and understand the elements that influence risk-taking in the organization. After a careful analysis of their data, the vital precautions were identified. Have you identified yours?

Transformational Variable Pareto Analysis

With the ever-increasing need to become more effective and efficient, identifying where to focus your efforts reactively and proactively, has become one of the most important decisions an operation can make. ProAct Safety has identified twenty-eight (e.g., time of day, day of week, tenure, influences, weather) commonly-found variables that have provided key insight into organizational risk. Have you identified and responded to yours?

Expert Review

ProAct Safety has reviewed and analyzed millions of incidents and accidents for thousands of organizations throughout the world. ProAct Safety experts are available to review your data to determine trends in your exposure to risk. Pricing will vary based on the completeness, amount and type of analysis requested.


"ProAct Safety assisted an organization within the National Institutes of Health with a cultural safety assessment. Shawn was professional and provided a comprehensive report that analyzed the organization's behaviors and attitudes towards the existing safety program. His findings and recommendations have provided a foundation for further growth and improvement. We look forward to future projects with ProAct Safety."

Derek Newcomer, Chief, National Institutes of Health

"We looked at several Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Consultants and eventually chose Shawn and ProAct Safety based on their philosophy of helping an organization create their own self-sustaining program. Shawn and ProAct are experts in behavior based systems, and held our hands early on, educating us about BBS, helping us to analyze site data, and understand BBS dynamics in the workplace. They helped us make the implementation as simple as possible while still addressing site specific needs. We have been extremely pleased in all areas with their work. ProAct helped us establish a great site BBS program as advertised, and also ensured it was self sustaining without further consulting. More importantly, we saw a reduction in injuries as a direct result of the BBS program. I would highly recommend Shawn and ProAct to anyone looking to establish a BBS program."

Justin Noll, Plant Manager, Cherokee Pharmaceuticals, LLC