Leadership Safety Coaching

Teaching Supervisors to be Safety Coaches

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Supervisors constantly communicate priorities and strategies to their workers, whether they intend to or not. With training, supervisors can take active control of the messages they send to promote safety as an organizational value. They can set levels of expectation that point everyone in the direction of safety excellence and exert a positive influence on the formation of safety culture.

Most supervisors don't have the latest training and tools for coaching workers to perform their jobs safely. Becoming an effective coach can leverage a supervisor's influence to make significant gains in accident reductions. Coaching skills also improve other areas of performance including quality and productivity as well as safety. The benefits to the organization impact almost every area of human performance.

The training contains the latest behavioral coaching techniques and directly applies them to improving safety. A model for counseling problem employees or addressing serious safety situations is also included. The design of the training utilizes advanced learning techniques and helps attendees to apply the models in the classroom to reality-based scenarios right out of the workplace.

The objectives of this thought-provoking, highly-participative workshop are:

  1. Teach leaders and/or supervisors the basic behavioral components of human performance and how it can be improved.
  2. Show how true leadership builds trust and focuses on developing the abilities of employees.
  3. Suggest definitions of the terms "safety" and "accidents" that can be shared with employees to align their thinking and actions.
  4. Provide a model of a coaching intervention that can be adapted to virtually any situation.
  5. Demonstrate how to develop a high-impact focus on the behaviors that can make the greatest improvements in performance.
  6. Show how to identify and address low-probability risks that are impacting accidents.
  7. Discuss the uses of the various forms of interpersonal feedback and establish which ones are most effective.
  8. List the common influences on human behavior, how to identify them and how to address them in order to change behavior.
  9. Differentiate between policing safety and coaching safety performance and show how to decide which approach is best in specific situations.
  10. Clearly outline the ways in which to increase employee engagement and participation in safety that utilizes employees' discretionary effort to go above and beyond normal results.

Private Workshop for your organizational leaders

(Includes Option 1 plus) Customization with specific focus on behaviors to focus on for both incident/injury prevention (based on analysis of your data) and to contribute to strengthening the safety culture, Accountability Tools, Coaching and Reinforcing Content for Professional Development

(Includes Options 1 & 2 plus) Private Coaching for Select Individuals


"The Leadership BBS coaching workshop that Terry Mathis put on, at our site provided our entire group with tools that will help each individual improve the overall motivation of the personnel performing the actual BBS observations, in our mature program. His message was exactly what we needed to move our safety program in a positive direction. Since Terry's presentation/training, the management team has been able to better support our workers, and our numbers and quality of observations have improved significantly. These factors have certainly led to a safer working environment for our folks, with fewer and less significant incidents. Thanks again for working with us, and tailoring the training in a positive direction!"

John Cerutti Jr., Sandia National Labs

"This was one of the best seminars on improving safety that I have ever attended in 38 years. The practical background of the instructor, along with years of consulting experience, have added to the value of this course. Thanks for teaching us. Well done."

SeminarFest Attendee

"Terry is an outstanding instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed his class and plan to put principles learned into practice immediately."

SeminarFest Attendee

"The 'Teaching Supervisors to be Safety Coaches' session was GREAT! I am really looking forward to implementing this here at my company. The presentation was excellent, well paced, informative, NOT dry, very good."

Jeremy Health, Annual BBS Conference Attendee