Leadership Safety Coaching Workshop

Leadership Safety Coaching: Teach Your Leaders to Coach for Performance

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Workshop Investment (cost)$595 per attendee until 45 days in advance, then $695 per attendee


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  • 20+ people = 20% off registration

Workshop Leader     Shawn M Galloway, CEO

Schedule    8:30-16:00, lunch included
*Event venue will be confirmed at least 45 days prior to the workshop.
**See full event schedule for events offered consecutively with this workshop.

Workshop Description

Some companies teach their supervisors to be safety coaches. Excellence-focused organizations enable this skill for all their people-leaders and influencers. Coaching is critical to organizational performance and the most effective way to inspire your team. Coaching aims to help leaders and employees perform at their best — every time, everywhere. Everyone can be a coach, from an executive to influential peers. Coaching is the leadership style focused on getting the best out of people.

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This workshop covers the five factors necessary for successful coaching: familiarize, focus, find, feedback, and facilitate. Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in small discovery groups and receive printed materials to support their new ability to influence behavior, culture and performance, and overall safety improvement strategy focus areas. The session is highly participative and leaves attendees thinking differently, prepared to lead differently, and focused on what will work best to coach for performance in their work environment.

Even small organizational cultures have the potential to have multiple subcultures within. Some of these subcultures form due to interests and identity, among other factors. All of these groups report to an initial leader of some type. This leader is the face of the company as an extension of management and, as such, is held accountable for the group's results. This leader sets the tone, values and priorities often reinforced through exchanges with those they lead. As no two leaders are alike, this creates the probability of a unique culture of unique individuals; a subculture is formed. Risks to company performance and culture increase when these individual leaders are not aligned or work incongruently with the business, safety, and cultural objectives. Attendees will learn the skills necessary to have the vital conversations necessary to get to know their people and interact with them regularly to influenceand coach their performance.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what it takes to Create Ownership and Change Happens (COACH)SM
  • Develop the skills, language and capabilities to hold others accountable and coach for performance.
  • Master a model of coaching that can be adapted to virtually any situation or area.
  • Identify the factors influencing workplace decisions and learn how to change them.
  • Review the uses of various forms of interpersonal feedback and establish which are most effective.
  • Demonstrate personal care and shared responsibility for the safety of each other.
  • Differentiate between policing and coaching opportunities in safety and decide which is appropriate.
  • Reveal how true leadership builds trust and focuses on developing employees' abilities.
  • Learn the behavioral components of human performance and how they can be improved.
  • Demonstrate how to develop a high-impact focus on the behaviors that can make the greatest improvements in performance.
  • Clearly outline how to increase employee engagement and participation in safety utilizing employees' discretionary effort to go above and beyond normal results.

Recommended: It would be helpful for attendees to read or listen to the book COACH: A Safety Leadership Fable after the event to reinforce what was learned and strengthen the forming of new leadership habits.

Picture of book 'Coach: A Safety Leadership Fable'

REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY: We reserve the right to cancel an event up to 30 days in advance, in which case a full refund applies. Attendee may cancel registration up to 60 days prior to an event, in which case a full refund minus 3% administrative fee applies. Cancellations under 60 days to two weeks prior to the event receive a 50% credit for future use. Credits can be used for one full year from original event date for any event, product or subscription purchases. After one year, all credits expire. No refunds or credits apply to cancellations less than two weeks in advance.
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CONTINUING EDUCATION: This event qualifies for CM or COC credits toward maintaining accreditation. Attendees may request documentation after the course is complete.


"The Leadership BBS coaching workshop that Terry Mathis put on, at our site provided our entire group with tools that will help each individual improve the overall motivation of the personnel performing the actual BBS observations, in our mature program. His message was exactly what we needed to move our safety program in a positive direction. Since Terry's presentation/training, the management team has been able to better support our workers, and our numbers and quality of observations have improved significantly. These factors have certainly led to a safer working environment for our folks, with fewer and less significant incidents. Thanks again for working with us, and tailoring the training in a positive direction!"

John Cerutti Jr., Sandia National Labs

"This was one of the best seminars on improving safety that I have ever attended in 38 years. The practical background of the instructor, along with years of consulting experience, have added to the value of this course. Thanks for teaching us. Well done."

SeminarFest Attendee

"Terry is an outstanding instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed his class and plan to put principles learned into practice immediately."

SeminarFest Attendee

"The 'Teaching Supervisors to be Safety Coaches' session was GREAT! I am really looking forward to implementing this here at my company. The presentation was excellent, well paced, informative, NOT dry, very good."

Jeremy Health, Annual BBS Conference Attendee