At ProAct Safety, all consulting projects are based on client needs, not simply on our consulting expertise. We begin with a vision of what success will look like and what value will be added. The project is then customized to achieve that success and add that value. Very few structured programs or processes truly fit all organizations. That is why we either design a solution from scratch or greatly modify an existing solution to every client need.

For more than 20 years, organizations have asked ProAct Safety to help solve problems and achieve goals. We have an incredible record of success, but we don't do everything. Some of the most common requests from our clients fall into the categories below.

Problems that require immediate attention

  • Sometimes things happen that need to be addressed quickly. It could be a serious accident, an increasing recordable or severity rate, a client who expresses concern about your safety practices or results, or simply a trend needing to be reversed. Even if you are thinking long term, sometimes a quick win can motivate effort and start you on the road to long-term success.

Improve existing efforts

  • Strategy: Is your safety strategy as strong and effective as it could be and does it direct other safety programs and decisions to create focus and continuously improve? ProAct Safety has helped many organizations create and apply comprehensive safety strategies.

  • Programs and Basics: If your current programs or basic practices are losing their effectiveness, we can help. We have helped to improve everything from existing behavior-based safety processes to basics like safety training, meetings, onboarding practices, rewards/incentives, survey questions for safety and safety communications, among others.

Add new skills, programs or approaches

  • Could your leaders or supervisors be more effective at promoting and coaching safety? Do workers understand safety basics or do they need to be more engaged, better focused or have more opportunities to be involved in safety? Do safety managers understand how to improve safety culture and performance?

Better metrics to understand and manage performance

  • For decades, we have managed safety with lagging indicators. Is your organization ready to develop a set of transformational metrics to help you understand the factors that produce the lagging indicators and better manage the upstream stages of safety performance that can reproduce excellent results year after year?

Better understanding of existing culture or programs

  • ProAct Safety can perform detailed assessments of existing cultures and/or programs. Our experienced consultants not only look for and document existing realities, but are constantly seeking out improvement opportunities. Assessment leads to profound knowledge, which, in turn, leads to excellent performance.

Preparing for upcoming or addressing recent changes

  • So many of our clients are considering mergers and/or acquisitions, and others are already the sum of past M&As. ProAct Safety can help prepare for upcoming events or address existing mixtures of differing cultures and practices.

Get everyone on the same page with safety

  • ProAct Safety can customize conference talks or lead workshops to align thinking and focus leaders, supervisors and/or workers on the most important or new approaches to safety. Sometimes outsider experts can align efforts more effectively than internal personnel.


  • Many of our consulting projects are designed to assist organizations good in safety to become great. We call this Safety Excellence. But safety is not our only expertise. We have helped organizations with a myriad of other issues from strategy to quality to employee engagement to culture. We are business consultants and realize all these areas are aspects of business.

Next Steps:

If there are opportunities for you to utilize ProAct Safety to help your organization, let's schedule a discussion to further define the possibilities. Our solutions are customized but also include several programs and processes that have proven to be universally applicable when customized to fit.

We also utilize several methods of delivering our services, from direct contact to webinars to workshops to speaking engagements. We find that one or a combination of these methods can fit almost any set of needs.

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