Leveraged Expert Support and Monitoring

When considering the complexity of how excellence in safety performance and culture is achieved and sustained, it is natural to be confused regarding starting point. Since 1993 we have supported organizations in their unique efforts to answer this question and develop and execute against a comprehensive strategy for safety excellence. Some require a lot of support, others only need access to an expert in the field for expert advice on a particular challenge or topic, guidance, coaching and course- correction on an as-needed basis. ProAct Safety is regularly engaged in a leveraged manner to provide such assistance.

While it is unwise to prescribe without first understanding, below are common ways our experts are engaged in a leveraged manner for an agreed upon period of time, ranging on average from a month to a year:

  • Unlimited access to our experts during the week by email and phone
  • Conference Calls
  • Virtual Meeting, Webinars
  • In-Person Discussions and Meetings
  • Personal Coaching: Observation and Feedback
If this interests you, please contact us to discuss your objectives, expectations, budget and desired outcomes. Once this is understood, options including fee ranges will be quickly provided.