In 1993, ProAct Safety was created with the sole purpose of helping organizations achieve and sustain safety excellence. This focus has led the firm to become recognized as the world's most successful provider of Safety Excellence Strategy and Execution. As advisors to those who desire to be among the best in safety throughout the world, we recognize sustainable excellence is never a one size fits all approach. There is no safety excellence silver bullet, nor magic pre-defined methodology.

Experiences with over 2,000 unique projects in every major global industry, confirms that every group maintains different safety cultures, leadership styles, approaches to operational excellence, and history of past change successes and failures. We firmly believe the only path to sustainable safety cultures and performance, is a collaboratively defined one. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Terry Mathis

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Terry L. Mathis
Founder (Retired)

Shawn Galloway

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Shawn M. Galloway
Chief Executive Officer

ProAct Safety®'s philosophy is centered on the following guiding principles:

Safety Excellence

Safety improvement efforts fall into two categories: basic safety and safety excellence. Basic safety involves compliance and traditional programs and processes to ensure that organizations are addressing risks with high probabilities of occurrence and severity. Organizations that have already mastered the basics start to plateau in their results and begin to explore other methods to achieve the next step-change in safety. ProAct Safety is a resource for such organizations. Partnering with ProAct Safety, many organizations have reached a new level of transformational safety excellence that was not possible with only the tools of basic safety.


Many organizations do not have overarching safety strategies; they have goals and programs to meet them. ProAct Safety helps organizations develop the kind of safety strategies that enable true excellence in performance that are repeatable year after year.


Basic safety can be reactive, safety excellence cannot. Often the tools that facilitate achieving "average in industry" results are not the same tools to ensure operational excellence or industry leader status. Also, as accident rates decrease, the reactive data that has driven improvements begins to lose its statistical significance. Proactive data must be developed to drive preemptive strategies and achieve the next level of performance.


ProAct Safety's practical approach never substitutes effort for results. Every project begins with the end in mind by defining the desired result, describing what success will look like and how it will be measured. The goal of each project is to achieve the desired, measurable results, not simply to spend consultant and client time and hand over deliverables.


Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut said, "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is." Impractical solutions, however theoretically perfect, are seldom successful and never sustainable. We believe that matching the science with a working knowledge of the workplace is critically important to success. ProAct Safety offers solutions that are true to the research and to workplace realities equally. We turn the science into practical technology that can be easily understood and implemented by the workforce.

Consulting Model

ProAct Safety ensures all consulting projects are based on the needs of the client, rather than the expertise of the consultant. Many projects that are traditionally implemented by outside consultants should be delivered to the workforce through internal consultants assisted by outside consultants. This way, the necessary expertise can transfer from the external consultant to the client organization. All projects should seek steps toward the goal rather than trying to achieve perfection all at once. Short-term goals should be steps toward long-term goals. This model has proven to produce rapid results and foster continuous improvement driven by internal expertise, thus ensuring long-term sustainability.

Customized Solutions

Since organizations are unique, the path to excellence is different for each. Excellence is more a matter of personal best than perfection. Off-the-shelf solutions can offer temporary improvement, but not true, sustainable excellence. ProAct Safety has assessed and customized solutions for hundreds of organizations and over two thousand sites and helped them take the next steps toward safety excellence. ProAct Safety can map the whole journey or can help address the biggest challenges.


It is not enough to simply make a solution work; you must also make it last. Excellence is not just great performance and/or results, it is the ability to reproduce that performance and results year after year. ProAct Safety's projects and processes have consistently produced rapid, high levels of success and sustainability.


Intellect can move hands and feet, but it is passion that moves hearts and minds. Being smart in your approach to safety can move your organization from bad to good. It will take passion to move it from good to great! All ProAct Safety projects include strategies to get workers not just involved, but converted. Safety excellence has to mean more than just good business sense; there has to be an altruistic burning desire to keep people safe. We are fortunate to be able to specialize in helping organizations become excellent in safety. This creates a special pride in our work and a passion for results that extends beyond the workplace. Safety Culture Excellence® = Home, Work, Life.

How ProAct Safety Often Supports Clients:

  • Developing and Executing Safety Strategy
  • Safety Culture Excellence
  • Incentives, Rewards and Motivation Design
  • Leadership Safety Coaching
  • Effective Safety Communication
  • Behavior-Based Approaches to Safety
  • Integrating Safety into Lean Environments
  • Safety Measurement/Metrics
  • Measuring Safety Perceptions
  • Assessing and/or Prioritizing Problem Areas or Transformational Improvement Opportunities
  • Addressing Off-the-Job Safety
  • Professional Speaking (Keynotes and Targeted Improvement Addresses and Workshops)