Safety Excellence Master Class

Safety Excellence Master Class: Learn How to Build the Five Core Capacities for Sustainable Excellence

5 Core Capacities for Sustainable Excellence Chart

Workshop Investment (cost) $795 per attendee

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Workshop Leader Shawn M Galloway, CEO

Schedule 8:30-16:00
*Event venue will be confirmed at least 45 days prior to the workshop.
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Workshop Description

Does your organization have the capacity to produce sustainable excellence in safety performance and culture? To adapt and thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing world, organizations must develop and strengthen five capacities: System, Leadership, Engagement, Cultural, and Strategic.

This tactical workshop thoroughly examines these five capacities and explores how they synergize to produce excellent, sustainable results. Attendees will be challenged to put the lessons into an executable plan for their organizations. This highly collaborative experience leads attendees on a journey balancing case studies with practical execution guidance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a clear definition and understanding of what safety excellence is, how it is achieved, and leadership roles and responsibilities to support it.
  • Recognize the differences in system capacity to prevent events and system capacity to recover from deviations from expectations, with examples, and how to build this capacity.
  • Explore leadership's role in creating a learning organization, a psychologically safe culture, the skills necessary to align their teams to results and behavioral expectations, and how to build this capacity.
  • Determine the level of engagement and the differences between buy-in, willing participation, ownership, and shared ownership within your organization.
  • Recognize what motivates and demotivates engagement and discover steps to strengthen positive or minimize negative influences.
  • Define the desired beliefs and behaviors necessary to create a culture of safety excellence and how to change the experiences and storytelling, leading to an internal culture change.
  • Review successful strategic models, client examples, what should be avoided, and what is necessary for an effective safety strategy that supports, rather than conflicts with, the overall business strategy.

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*Recommended: It would be helpful if each attendee read or listened to the book Bridge to Excellence - Building Capacity for Sustainable Performance after the event to reinforce what was learned and strengthen the forming of new leadership habits.