Trusted Advisor and Remote Support and Coaching Options

At ProAct Safety, we are dedicated to empowering leaders to excel in their roles and significantly influence the success of their organizations. Our trusted advisor, remote support, and coaching options, curated and led by Shawn M. Galloway, CEO of ProAct Safety, are designed to elevate your leadership effectiveness and strategic impact. Below are our three most popular options.

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Leader Mentoring Introductory Program: Finding Focus
Join Shawn for an immersive six or twelve-month program aimed at sharpening your leadership effectiveness and influence. Shawn is readily available as a trusted advisor with no time restrictions, offering advice, coaching, and strategic counsel tailored to your unique professional development journey. This program provides unlimited access to Shawn via email and phone, including emergency or critical situations provisions. Shawn and the ProAct Safety team will continuously share new developments and advances in thinking to challenge the status quo and enhance your leadership practices. A typical engagement begins with comprehensive discussions to assess your current situation and set clear expectations and outcomes. Additionally, mentoring goals are developed to drive improvement and ensure accountability for plan execution. Secure your spot with easy fee payment to embark on this transformative program.

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Leader Mentoring Guided Program: Execution & Accountability
The Guided Program builds upon the Introductory Program, offering a structured and highly-accountable relationship. Shawn actively identifies your key development areas and crafting a detailed roadmap with specific completion dates. Through formally scheduled status calls, you will report your accomplishments and/or obstacles, receiving expert guidance and support from Shawn. This program is ideal for leaders at all levels and is particularly beneficial for those who seek a more structured approach to professional development or struggle with professional procrastination.

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Leader Mentoring Advanced Program: Goals and Strategy
Elevate your leadership impact with the Advanced Program, a unique in-person "jump-start" experience with Shawn in Houston, TX. This intensive full-day visit is designed to deeply explore your professional development plans and company goals. The program includes an exclusive evening dinner experience with Shawn and his wife, providing valuable networking and downtime for holistic development. It is not uncommon for spouses and significant others to attend the dinner. Clients enrolled in the Advanced Program automatically gain access to the Guided Program for six or twelve months, ensuring continuous support and accountability.

Unlock your leadership potential and ignite transformative growth with our trusted advisor, remote support, and coaching options. Contact us to explore how we can customize these programs to suit your unique leadership development needs and goals.

Elevate your leadership journey and embark on a transformative path toward enhanced influence and excellence in leadership.