Sixty Minutes on Safety Excellence

Sixty Minutes on Safety ExcellenceSM: Quarterly Discussions with Shawn Galloway


  • $495 per individual for an annual subscription (with 90 day access to recordings)
  • $150 per individual for a single event (with 14 days access to recordings)


  • 12 December 2023 (10:00 AM CT)
  • Q1 2024: TBA
  • Q2 2024: TBA
  • Q3 2024: TBA

Join Shawn Galloway in these quarterly discussions on safety excellence. This virtual discussion with other business and safety leaders also offers networking opportunities. This forum discusses the latest thinking, discoveries, newly created methodologies and models and overall strategies, better practices, and lessons learned for clients on the journey to safety excellence. If you cannot participate in the live discussions, the session will be recorded, and you will be provided access to the recorded meetings during the duration of your subscription. Dates and invitation links will be provided two months prior to the live event. The fee is for one individual to participate in the event. Contact us for discount details for subscriptions for multiple individuals.

 *Agenda will be provided at the beginning of each discussion to ensure timeliness of relevant topics.

Previous Meeting Discussion Topics:

August 2023:

  1. Three Paths to Zero Injuries
  2. Understanding Safety Performance Variability
  3. Bridge to Excellence Stressors — Top Ten Themes That Concern Me
  4. Update to Coaching Model
  5. Vital Supervisor Conversations: Understanding Their People and Shaping Their Performance
  6. Advanced Thinking on Measuring Safety Success (Lagging to Leading to Value-Based)
  7. 2024 World Tour Workshops, Dates and Locations

April 2023:

  1. Capacity for Safety Excellence
  2. A Tactical Framework to Address Risk Perceptions and Risky Practices
  3. 10 Rules for EHS Success
  4. Organizational and Cultural influences
  5. 5 Core Capacities For Safety Excellence

January 2023:

  1. Recently Published COACH Book
  2. 15 Years SCE Podcast
  3. What Triggers Resistance to Change
  4. Key Points of Effective Communication
  5. Focus is Key for '23: Five Rules to Focus
  6. Relax, Lone Ranger; The Robot's Got It
  7. What to Enable and What to Focus Accountability on for Highly Reliable Performance
  8. Upcoming Bridge to Excellence Book
  9. Finding Your Calling and Holding Yourself Accountable for the Leader You Need to Be.

November 2022:

  1. Expectations for Results: Setting Realistic Expectations With Senior Leaders
  2. DEI & Safety
  3. Psychological Safety — The Increasing Requirements Globally
  4. 8Cs for EHS Success — Consider, with your leadership team, ranking the level of priority for each item.