Virtual Quarterly Development Series

Leadership Series
Investing in Leading Safety Excellence: A Quarterly Development Series (Live & Recorded)
For safety to truly become a core value, it must be seen as owned and led by operational and line leadership, not delegated to safety professionals. For this to occur, organizations must invest in their people leaders to increase their technical safety acumen and true leadership acumen to support the efforts to pursue safety excellence by understanding how to get the best out of the people they have the privilege to lead. This quarterly series is a live discussion with opportunities to participate, ask questions, and benchmark with other attendees on practices to collectively increase your leadership capacity to achieve excellence in safety performance and culture. Join Shawn M. Galloway, mature your safety thinking, and develop into the leader your people need.

20 June (10 -11 am)
$149 live event + 7 days access to recording

Session 1: The Case for Moving Supervisors from a C.O.P. to C.O.A.C.H.SM
Regardless of country, industry, or type of business, the first-line supervisor is the most critical person to shape performance and culture. Yet, these individuals are often the company's most undertrained, under-resourced, and underutilized leaders. Far too many super employees become supervisors—and some eventually senior executives—without being developed into the type of leaders the organization requires to succeed. This introductory session offers a beacon of hope, providing insight into the latest research, innovative approaches, and proven methodologies. It also paves the way for understanding how to enable this important level of leadership and those above to grow and develop into the leaders the organization needs.