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Terry L. Mathis and Shawn M. Galloway are known for the ability to positively influence audiences and transform their ability to see performance in a new way.

People respond emotionally to change before they respond logically. Professional speakers recognize the limitations of only delivering a motivational message. Talks, presentations, keynotes, should all motivate, but they should also provide implementable ideas. They should make action following motivation easier.

Our speakers are bestselling authors and consultants to the best-performing organizations across every major industry as well as strategic advisors and personal coaches to top executives. They are also two of the best keynote speakers on the subjects of strategy, leadership, culture and employee engagement.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss customizing a message for your next event. We regularly speak at:

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Terry L. Mathis

Terry L. Mathis

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Shawn M. Galloway
Chief Executive Officer

Shawn M. Galloway

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"At our most recent conference, Shawn emphasized the critical interdependence between safety practices and business objectives, asserting that excellence in one area can drive excellence in the other. His message resonated strongly to a vast audience of EHS professionals from across the country — all of whom walked away with new ideas on how to pitch the business case for enhancing their existing safety programs. If any organization is struggling to find common ground between safety and operations, leveraging Shawn's message can provide the essential guidance needed to bridge the gap. I would strongly recommend him as speaker for your next event!"

Sean Doherty, AVP, Risk Control

"I had read Shawn's book over the past 2 years and was really impressed with the thought process. I knew our EHS team could use this knowledge but was worried that they would not welcome the change. Man was I wrong. Even our most senior person, who was transitioning from workshop skills instructor to full-time safety coordinator picked up what Shawn was laying down. He not only gives you knowledge, but he instills confidence to act. I know that as we continue to use what ProAct is providing and continue our own personal development we will work towards excellence."

Glenn Newsome, Environmental Health & Safety Specialist, Alfa Laval

"We are at a point in our continuous improvement EHS journey where we are plateauing in performance. We contacted ProAct Safety to provide thought leadership on methods to drive our EHS culture to the next level. Shawn recorded a keynote address for us to use at a recent EHS Summit which resonated strongly with our teams. His messaging and approach aligns very well with our mission and vision and will be a key factor as we continue to develop our strategic 5 year plan. Great resource!"

Marvin J. Faber, Vice President EHS, Thermo Fisher Scientific

"Shawn Galloway was an EXCELLENT keynote speaker for the Indiana Safety and Health Conference & Expo. We had to pivot to virtual and he was very flexible and easy to work with. He made a stressful situation much less stressful. He delivered a quality presentation that our attendees highly enjoyed. I would recommend Shawn to anyone considering him as a speaker for their event."

Jennifer George, Director - Business Education and Events, Indiana Chamber of Commerce

"The conference was one of our best yet! Thank you for being our keynote. Your talk resonated well with the audience and the feedback was great!"

Marlene Stanger, ESH Operations Lead, Monsanto Company

"Shawn is very detailed-oriented and produced great result for our company during his mission in Azerbaijan. His superb speech and presentations at Safety Leadership Conference brought it to success. I certainly would recommend Shawn Galloway for any audience willing to listen, learn and bring back to their companies valuable ideas."

Aydin Hajiverdiyev, Quality Assurance & HSE Department Director, Rovshan Oguz Group

"Dear Terry: On behalf of the Pipe Line Contractors Association, our Board of Directors and our Safety Committee, I would like to thank you for your presentation on December 4, 2013. Your presentation was full of very valuable information on safety culture and was extremely well-received by our members. I believe some attendees will be contacting you to speak before their companies. Again, thank you for your presentation and we hope you have a very successful and safe 2014."

Kevin N. Barrett, Executive Director, Pipe Line Contractors Association

"We recently invited Shawn Galloway to speak at our leadership development training. Shawn's approach impressed me from the beginning. Instead of just rolling out a canned leadership presentation, Shawn asked us a lot of questions during our first phone conversation that were geared towards finding out what we wanted to accomplish by having him speak to our group. Shawn tailored his message to address our needs and our specific goals. Shawn's presentation was spot on and the group discussions that Shawn facilitated afterwards really got our team thinking of improvement strategies. Shawn's presentation and interaction with our team exceeded my expectations."

Stephen Laramore, Health & Safety Manager, Colowyo Coal Company

"The workshop was outstanding! The audience were engaged and the content you provided was excellent. I had many positive comments from the delegates and a few asked for your email, so I passed it on. I hope you don't mind. I am keen to work with you again in future so I will be in touch."

Adam Minkley, Project Director, DecomWorld

"Galloway's presentations provided excellent insight on safety leadership. His presentation of the various models for leadership were useful, but his depth of understanding and examples were particularly valid. In the Q&A session, he provided excellent guidance on how one achieves cultural excellence, which is particularly difficult in this age of transformation."

Richard Pollock, President, American Society of Safety Engineers

"We hired Shawn as our opening keynote speaker for our safety conference. Shawn delivered an excellent presentation. He demonstrated depth of knowledge on the topic of safety and developing a safety culture within and outside of the workplace. He was energetic, engaging and inspiring. He was able to connect with his audience of more than 550 individuals with diverse experiences and hold their attention. His ideas and perspectives ensured take-aways for all! Shawn set the tone for a great conference. I would highly recommend Shawn for an engaging keynote address!"

Judy Murphy, President & CEO, Safety Services Manitoba

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for coming to SafetFest last week. The thought of sitting through 8 hours of the same speaker didn't thrill me, but you did a terrific job. I enjoyed your presentation and got a tremendous amount of material and knowledge from it. I just finished entering the 12 pages of notes I took into my computer..."

Mark Rosenleaf, SafetyFestMT Attendee

"One of the best presenters in past 3 yrs." "Great topic, thanks." "I learned effective ways to approach employees about safety and how to look at unsafe conditions." "Very valuable session that covers more than safety, but provide positive solutions for positive outcomes! Great job Terry! Thank you!"

Attendees, MN Safety & Loss Control Conference

"I am writing to express the Northern Occupational Safety and Health Association (NOSHA) sincere appreciation for being a part of our annual fall 2012 safety conference in Grand Forks, North Dakota at the Ramada Inn. Your keynote address "Safety Culture Excellence 101" and the Behavioral-Based Safety 101 breakout session were well received by the safety professionals in the audience. Many of the safety professionals I visited with said that 'Shawn created a spark in our minds that we need to implement more than the traditional safety methods to create an excellent safety culture'. Your dynamic delivery kept everyone alert, and involved. Again, thank you for your participation and energy in making the day a big success. You definitely exceeded our expectations! We definitely recommend your services to all companies and associations wanting to promote a positive change in their safety culture and management."

Rick Else, ND Workforce Safety & Insurance

"Shawn was recently hired to be the guest speaker for our annual BBS conference. He did a great job and was well received by the attendees for his knowledge of the subject and his presentation."

John Cobb, PQ Corporation

"The session you and Terry did was the best I have seen this week... I have been in Safety for 27 years and this was one of the best practical, grounded safety culture presentations I have ever seen."

Attendee, 90 Minutes to Safety Culture Excellence, NSC Congress & Expo

"Excellent Speaker - instilled hope in me to make a change back @ my company and gave me tools to start." "The topic was great!! The speaker is very knowledgeable and has a great approach to reducing injuries." "Shawn was a very easy to listen to. Great information and real life examples that he used in his presentation." "Brought new ideas to think about - a lot of information to take back to the workplace." "Excellent presenter with good information - loved the examples of actual assessments." "Numerous safety tips - Big picture thinking - practical applications - excellent Personnel/HR advice - great leadership training - mentioned lots of resources - simulated creative thinking - [shared] positive attitudes - confirmed good preventative like documentation and action planning - highlighted importance of good communication tools."

Anonymous Attendees, NOSHA Safety Conference

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of my company for the wonderful presentation you gave to us today. The presentation you gave was excellent. I learned a great deal and plan to follow your suggestions. The material you distributed will be most helpful, and I look forward to sharing it with several friends and coworkers who were unable to attend. Thank you again for such an informative and pleasant program."

Hussam Al-Kayali Ph.D., Operations Manager, Young Mfg. Inc.

"I attended your seminar in Grand Forks on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 and was very intrigued, I have been in HR/Safety for nearly 15 years now and this was by far the best safety seminar I have ever attended, thank you! ...thank you so much for the wealth of information you provided, but mostly for the motivation you sparked in me to try yet again to make some safety changes at my organization."

Corinna Carver, NOSAH Safety Conference Attendee

"I just wanted to send along this note to say thank you for such a fantastic kick off to our virtual symposium on metrics! I though it covered a lot of great content, brought up some new ideas and sparked some excellent questions at the end!"

Dan McNiell, Manager Education Development, ASSE

"Energetic speaker that laid out strategies clearly" "Excellent speaker with a good message" "Mr. Mathis' presentation will help me improve how we look at safety culture. Great class..." "Outstanding presentation!" "Terry Mathis & ProAct Safety really gets it." "Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenter. Offered up some good take aways." "Very knowledgeable and shared tips and ideas that can be implemented now."

ASSE Safety 2012 Attendees

Mr. Galloway did a PHENOMENAL job in his presentation. I not only enjoyed his easy style, but learned a lot. Of particular interest was his diagram on the safety excellence "bridge." He also "hit the nail on the head" for multiple other areas (i.e., alignment in strategic direction, perception barriers, coaching, safety "branding" issues, etc.) Thank you so much for this most informative session!"

ASSE Safety2012 Attendee

"Shawn provided one of the best sessions this year. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided a very good session on how we can create an excellent safety culture. He had excellent analogies and graphics. Very good. I will definitely signed up to go to other sessions that Shawn provides."

ASSE Safety2012 Attendee

"Mr. Galloway packed so much detail into this 1 hour presentation that there was no room left for questions (but he subsequently did by e-mail). This was the best session I attended this PDC."

ASSE Safety2012 Attendee

"It was truly a very timely and positive experience to have attended your workshop. It was a shot in the arm for me to have the opportunity to interact with you and to observe your style. Seeing the passion and excitement that you have for your believe in what you do is really contagious. I have mentioned to several people at ASSE what a great workshop you put on AND that there should be more of the type of workshops."

Bob Debner, Sr. Risk Engineer, Zurich Services Corporation

"Montana has the unfortunate distinction of being a state with one of the highest workplace accident, injury and fatality rates in the country. We're working hard to change this. A primary initiative in this change revolves around shifting our entire state's perspective of safety, working to create a Safety Culture in line with Montana's Safety Culture Act. One of our most notable efforts in this push is SafetyFestMT. These events, held around our state, provide free safety and occupational health training to businesses of all sizes and industries. In the past, we've had a strong offering of Behavior Based Safety trainings at SafetyFests - and our decision to expand courses in this track initially led us to ProAct Safety. A personal conversation with Shawn Galloway sealed the deal.
Instantaneously, it was clear that Galloway understands the dynamics of human behavior and is able to probe deeper into the "Why?" of accidents. As we said, in Montana, our mission is to change the safety culture among our population of 1 million. When we asked Shawn if he was up to a challenge of this magnitude, he said his was even bigger - he's "trying to change the global safety culture." At that point we knew we had a great fit. His vision perfectly aligns with our mission in Montana, and because of his forward thinking, for the first time we'll bring a full Safety Culture creation course to Montana's businesses. Hopefully, this brings us both one step closer in making Montana, and the world, a safer place to work."

Kara Graetz, Project Manager, MT Department of Labor & Industry

"The Management Committee of MARCSTA would like to express its appreciation for the Safety Culture Excellence training program conducted by Shawn Galloway of ProAct Safety Inc on 30th November 2011 here in Perth. Feedback from attendees has been excellent with 97% indicating approval of the delivery, 87% finding the sessions most useful and 89% expressing their interest in attending future workshops. Members of the Management Committee found the content relevant and stimulating and the enthusiasm and professionalism of the program co-ordinator outstanding. This organization would re-engage Mr Galloway when the opportunity presents itself and would strongly recommend his involvement to other interested organizations. Thank you for delivering precisely what we had hoped for."

Patrick Gilroy, Director of Safety & Health, MARCSTA

"This was one of the best seminars on improving safety that I have ever attended in 38 years. The practical background of the instructor, along with years of consulting experience, have added to the value of this course. Thanks for teaching us. Well done."

SeminarFest Attendee

"Terry is an outstanding instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed his class and plan to put principles learned into practice immediately."

SeminarFest Attendee

"Congratulations, you made quite the impression at the Summit with your two presentations. It was time well spent, professional and most informative."

Alaska Occupational Safety Summit Attendee

"I thought your presentation was very good and it was good to think that you can help to engage people to do your job even when you aren't there. It seems obvious, but I hadn't thought of it in that way."

Alaska Occupational Safety Summit Attendee

"I attended your class Leadership Safety Coaching, I really enjoyed the class... I have already started using your thoughts on positive thinking, both professional and personal life and it has already made a difference!"

VPPPA Conference Attendee

"I thought your presentations were excellent out of all the classes I took last week I got the most out of yours!"

VPPPA Conference Attendee

"I was very impressed with the content and the presenter. Thanks Shawn!"

VPPPA Conference Attendee

"We were privileged to have Shawn speak for us at the 2011 EHS Conference sponsored by the ACIT. While competing for attendance against simultaneous presentations, Shawn's session was heavily attended... and they were not disappointed. Shawn is an engaging speaker who is passionate and knowledgeable. He inspires and challenges his audience to approach safety with a fresh perspective. We hope he joins us in future years!"

Alisha Nash, Director Sales & Marketing, Hunter Buildings

"I have heard a lot of speakers in my time but Mr. Terry has been one of the best. I was very impressed! I feel like Mr. Terry has given us a game plan or strategies to make us all better on coaching our guys to want to work safely."

Michael Johnson, Senior VP, AMCOL/President, CETCO Oilfield Services

"Thank YOU for your time and effort. Very solid content and delivery, enjoyed by all!"

TCC/ACIT EHS Seminar Attendee

"Thank you for leading today's Congress 2.0 Webinar: 'Create a Sustainable Safety Culture.' The program was outstanding, providing our attendees with a great deal of actionable and thought-provoking content. In fact, we've already received several positive comments from attendees, who have praised the quality of the presentation. I, along with my NSC colleagues, greatly appreciate the time and energy you devoted to this presentation-and we look forward to collaborating with you on future NSC training programs."

Ralph Gaillard, Director of Virtual Education & Training, National Safety Council

"Outstanding instructor who utilized real world data and examples."

ASSE Safety 2011 Attendee

"Terry Mathis was helpful. This is a good value for ASSE members. I would recommend this course as it has some pro-active, leading indicator ideas which are sorely needed."

Mark Mitchell, Alaska Railroad

"One of the best speakers I've ever heard. Great job!"

NSC Omaha Safety & Health Summit Attendee

"Excellent speaker, well organized presentation. Powerful, useful and right on target with approach. Useful references to books, online materials, podcasts, etc. Great energy! Thank you!!"

NSC Omaha Safety & Health Summit Attendee

"If you want to engage and energize your employees Shawn is the guy to hire. He recently spoke to our group of HSES professionals and many people have told me how much they enjoyed his presentations. For those of you in the safety field Shawn "Gets It" and can communicate "It" to a broad audience. I knew when I looked over and saw the site manager (~7,000 employees onsite) taking notes we had the right speaker!"

Steven Addington, Industrial Safety Specialist, Eastman Chemical Company

"Good ideas on new ways to measure safety successes."

ASSE Region III PDC Attendee

"Very good presentation. Great information. Though provoking..."

ASSE Region III PDC Attendee

"Very well done. He kept the audience's interest. Good use of quotes. Great slides."

ASSE Region III PDC Attendee

"Best speaker to date of conference. Great topic and presentation, do not grade excellent on all aspects but Shawn is a exception."

ASSE Region III PDC Attendee

"Knows his message very, very well. High high value - excellent topic."

ASSE Region III PDC Attendee

Best speaker so far! Great job Shawn! Relevant to any & all SHE professionals."

ASSE Region III PDC Attendee

"I am writing to express our sincere appreciation for being part of our annual ASSE Suncoast Chapter Professional Development Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Your keynote address "Building and Sustaining a Safety Culture" was well received and it kept all that attended glued to your every word, and they all seem to agree that it was one of the best ever! Receiving a standing ovation from this seasoned group of safety professionals is quite a compliment.

Your presentation supported our conference theme centered on Behavior-Based Safety and was engaging, entertaining, motivational and balanced with good substance for take-away utilization. Your dynamic delivery kept everyone alert, and involved. Again, thank you for your participation and energy in making the day a big success. You definitely exceeded our expectations! We look forward to working with you in the future."

Michael E. Adams, Vice President, ASSE Florida Suncoast Chapter

"Great job! He exposed 'the true cost of accident'."

NSC Texas Safety Conference & Expo Attendee

"Shawn is a high energy & talented professional. Thorough understanding of his business as well as the underlying principles & strategies for success. Highly recommend."

Dino Rosati, Plant Manager - NY Operations, Hollingsworth & Vose

"Amazing!! Delivery was spot on. He is "Zig Ziglar Jr.". Will do great things for any company looking to improve."

Richard Tomlin, HSE Compliance Coordinator, Rowan Companies, Inc.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Shawn Galloway and ProAct Safety for the last few years and each and every time the National Safety Council and our members have been extremely pleased. All of your sessions have all been with high energy, humorous and gave everyone some very practical advice and was truly an enjoyable experience. You have provided excellent value-added training to our members and your unique insight gave us a refreshing perspective on effective communication techniques in today's safety environment. I cannot thank you enough for the support."

Brian Flaherty, Vice President, National Safety Council - Greater Omaha Chapter

"Shawn has been a great contributor for Canadian Occupational Safety, as a regular columnist and host of our monthly video series, Culture Shock with Shawn Galloway. Shawn is a very engaging motivational speaker. His vast expertise in safety leadership and safety culture excellence is evident from the way he talks and interacts with people, and the audience's reaction to his talks and his articles. Any organization would be lucky to have Shawn as a speaker and/or trainer. I always look forward to hearing him speak at conferences."

Mari-Len De Guzman, Editor, Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine

"Top management in our company spent an entire day with Shawn as he made a comprehensive, detailed, thoroughly understandable and enjoyable presentation of Behaviour Based Safety, and how it would be implemented and applied to our company (6,000 employees). One of the best prepared and most powerful presentations I've ever seen. Highly recommended."

Scott Williams, Vice President - Quality Assurance, Beaulieu Group, LLC

"The ProAct Safety team nailed the essence of the issues facing successful managers on the safety front and has given them tools to become great leaders."

Ken Ciarletta, Regional Operations Manager, Bluelinx

"Shawn is an expert on BBS, his in-deep knowledge is well shared when he delivers training. He shares good advice and is always positive and encouraging. An enthusiastic speaker that lets you see he is a BBS believer and true practitioner."

Victor Jaen, EHS Regional Manager, Ingersoll Rand

"I've been working with Shawn and ProAct since 2006. Shawn is a consummate professional and a very dynamic speaker. My personal interests in Behavioral Based Safety have been reinforced tremendously by his teachings (conferences, webinars, articles, podcasts, and power lunches). Best of all, Shawn is honest, sincere, caring and goes out of his way to help you out. I look forward to working with him more in the future."

David Cleveland, Behavior-Based Safety Task Force Member

"Shawn Galloway has contributed numerous articles to my publication, EHS Today, which serves professionals in the safety, occupational health, industrial hygiene and environmental management arenas. Shawn's knowledge of and ability to communicate the value of safety culture excellence and risk management is impressive and his articles are some of the best-read in our magazine and Web site. In addition, ProAct Safety Inc. is an acknowledged provider of safety excellence strategies."

Sandy Smith, Executive Editor-EHS Today, Penton Media

"Somewhere in a dictionary under the definition of effective is a picture of Shawn Galloway with the following attributes listed:

  • Constantly seeking knowledge
  • Able to transfer new information to action
  • A highly effective communicator
  • A human being with a drive to empower his fellow man
  • Most importantly someone that you can trust and depend on

If you want to learn how to be a professional seek out Shawn as a mentor."

Tim Lovley, Director Health & Safety, Dynegy

"Shawn and ProAct Safety implemented Lean BBS at one of our manufacturing facilities as a pilot implementation and we followed up by having them train our EHS staff to be internal consultants and implement ProAct's program corporate wide. Shawn and the ProAct team do an excellent job of implementing BBS. They've remained our partners for 6 to 7 years and are always available when we need assistance or an opinion. Shawn is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent speaker/presenter. Any chance I get to hear Shawn speak always leaves me inspired and with renewed energy for safety and behavior based safety."

Todd Miller, Corporate Environment, Health and Safety Manager, Herman Miller

"Terry Mathis excels when it comes to teaching a practical, commonsense approach to Behavior-Based Safety. He relates well to everyone, from people on the floor to those in the highest levels of the company. His extensive experience "in the trenches" means you get level-headed, hard-hitting advice on everything from calculating the true costs of Behavior-Based Safety to handling various implementation and improvement challenges. If you're thinking about attending this seminar, I have two words for you: Do it."

Gene Burrows, Corporate Director of Safety, TAMKO Roofing, Inc.