Shawn M. Galloway

Shawn M. Galloway

Shawn M. Galloway is the Chief Executive Officer of ProAct Safety, and coauthor of five books: STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence (WILEY, 2013), Hazardous Materials Management Desk Reference, 3rd Edition (AHMP, 2013), Forecasting Tomorrow: The Future of Safety Excellence (SCE Press, 2015) and his latest book, Inside Strategy: Value Creating from within Your Organization (SCE Press, 2016) and his latest book, Lean Behavior-Based Safety - BBS for Today's Realities (SCE Press, 2017)

He has helped hundreds of organizations within every major industry achieve and sustain excellence in performance and culture. Through Shawn's consulting efforts, he has personally worked with organizations such as, Amway, ARAMARK, BAE Systems, Bayer-Monsanto, Bristol-Myers Squibb, CF Industries, ChevronPhillips, Eastman Chemical, ExxonMobil, FMC, Georgia-Pacific, Goodrich, Herman Miller, Honda, Ingersoll Rand, International Paper, John Deere, Kiewit, Memorial Hermann, MD Anderson, Merck, National Institutes of Health, Newell Rubbermaid, NW Natural, ONEOK, Rockwell Automation, Starbucks, Timken, United States Capital, United States Armed Forces, Wrigley, Xcel Energy and over a hundred similar international organizations.

He is also a columnist for several magazines and one of the most prolific contributors in the industry, authoring over 600 podcasts, 200 articles and 100 videos. Shawn has received awards and recognition for his significant contributions from the American Society of Safety Professionals Council on Practices & Standards, National Safety Council's Top 40 Rising Stars, EHS Today Magazine's 50 People Who Most Influenced EHS, ISHN Magazine's POWER 101 - Leaders of the EHS World and their newest list: 50 Leaders for Today and Tomorrow and Pro-Sapien's list of The Top 11 Health and Safety Influencers of 2019.


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My Safety or Yours, I'd Rather Not Rely on Luck!

Whether we realize it or not, every day we put ourselves in situations that could go horribly wrong. We all take calculated risks; some of us are just better calculators than others. At work and home, we end each day without an injury and consider it a safe day. How wrong we are. There are two ways to not get injured: consciously take the right precautions, or get lucky.

For safety to truly become infused into company decisions, behavior and culture, it cannot be delegated nor managed by a corporate entity. Safety is not the sole responsibility of the employer; it is everyone's responsibility. Yes, that means you, too! If you disagree, I have some stories for you.

Significant-event stories are shared in this heartwarming talk that not only inspire and motivate the audience, but also provide the thinking necessary to change behavior and increase personal accountability.

Shaping the Future of Safety Excellence

Much has been written about the need for safety to be integrated into business thinking for safety to become the way of business and a core value rather than priority. Not enough attention is placed on the need for business practices to be integrated into safety thinking.

Safety is not simple. It is more than rule-following, common-sense and paying attention. Safety is influenced by culture, systems, leadership styles, history, economy, locations, etc. One of the most significant differentiators of successful organizations in safety is the way safety is strategically managed.

For excellence in any operational category to be recognized, it is imperative employees make decisions and behave in alignment with the intended strategic direction. Safety is not a standalone strategy within a business; it must be an integral part of the overall operational plan. How clear is your strategic direction and how well can employees easily see the role safety plays within it?

Without strategy, is the recognition of new safety results more than luck? Is the inability to improve because of the intervention or other influences? Everyone wants excellence in safety performance and safety culture, yet often forgets excellence is not just about results. Rather, it is the confidence and ability to articulate why great results were achieved and the knowledge of how to repeat and advance year after year.

Creating and Sustaining Safety Culture Excellence

Organizations on the path towards excellence in any operational category must examine and plan to leverage their culture. Does the culture work with or against the plan? What will the culture support and what will it resist? Cultures are the most effective sustainability tool an organization has; it works hard to maintain the status quo. Or, if involved and leveraged effectively, it will develop ownership and reinforce the desired direction of change. Excellence in performance is only obtained through highly-functioning cultures.

Cultures can be leveraged to obtain significant results, but only if there is a clear understanding of the starting point, the destination, and the overall executable strategy. Leadership must realize they are not only responsible for the culture of the organization, but also how it is managed, to drive breakthrough performance. Culture can be a barrier or an opportunity. How you look at it isn't necessarily the answer; how you manage it is.

All organizations desire to achieve and maintain zero injuries and a culture of safety excellence, but how confident are they in their strategy to get there? Learn how best-performing organizations develop strategies to achieve the most effective sustainability mechanism in safety: a culture of excellence.

The Transformational Leader: From Hands and Feet to Hearts and Minds

A leader's ability to inspire and influence will become his or her single most effective, competitive advantage. Once higher levels are reached in an organization, individuals are less judged by what they have personally contributed, and more by what they have led others to accomplish. Do employees perform excellently because you inspire them to, or because they are fearful? Do you have a have-to or a want-to culture? Sustainable excellence develops from a motivated and inspired workforce; it is not the result of behavioral manipulation or managed delegation.

All leaders face challenges that intensify with each new hypercompetitive priority. The successful leader of tomorrow must become transformational to succeed. Audience members will receive tools and techniques that can be immediately applied, transforming their value to the organization, and helping them recognize sustainable step-change improvement in culture and performance.

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Recent Public Speaking Events


"Members of the Europacable (a European wire and cable consortium) Safety Task Force recognized a common need within the participating companies to gain a deeper understanding of Behavioral Based Safety (BBS). The need ranges varied from 'What is BBS?' to 'How to elevate existing BBS initiatives'. The Task Force interviewed several webinar suppliers and unanimously selected ProAct Safety, Inc. The services provided included two separate webinars for two distinct groups: One for Management to learn the value of what BBS can bring to the organization and all the elements that are involved in a successful launch; and a second webinar for site safety representatives to focus on the step-by-step roles, responsibilities and lessons learned to lead an effective BBS system.

ProAct Safety, Inc. supported us throughout the entire process (designing of pre-workshop maturity level self-assessments, customization of contents to be relevant to our industry, facilitation of the webinars and providing Q&A responses and reference materials post-webinar). If you are considering such a webinar, don't waste time on researching other providers… Just call ProAct Safety, Inc. to exceed your needs."

Portia Groff, Safety Task Force Leader, ECBL

"Shawn Galloway was an EXCELLENT keynote speaker for the Indiana Safety and Health Conference & Expo. We had to pivot to virtual and he was very flexible and easy to work with. He made a stressful situation much less stressful. He delivered a quality presentation that our attendees highly enjoyed. I would recommend Shawn to anyone considering him as a speaker for their event."

Jennifer George, Director - Business Education and Events, Indiana Chamber of Commerce

I wanted to reach out to you to express my appreciation for the outstanding job you did as the keynote presenter as part of our Virtual Risk Management Speaker Series.
Your attention to detail and collaborative approach to our specific needs was excellent. From the initial planning meeting discussion, to the brainstorming session with our CEO and Zoom practice with the IT vendor, you set the stage for an engaging and dynamic virtual presentation that was well received by our membership.
I've had the opportunity to observe your live presentations and have always been impressed. I'll admit that I was concerned that we might lose an element of the message by presenting the topic in a virtual environment. Your delivery and message via a virtual platform are done remarkably well!
Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again."

Bill Hooker, ARM, Training Program Supervisor, Park District Risk Management Agency

"At The Great Conversation, a forum for risk, resilience and security leaders, we like to find subject matter experts in professional disciplines that can contribute their voice to helping create a more valuable ecosystem. We don't source 'great speakers', we source great minds. With Shawn, we were able to get a great speaker, a great mind and someone who deeply cares about creating an excellence culture whether it is safety, security or any other culture. He help bridge the leadership gap that drives engagement with your stakeholders. He exudes trust and care. And he help create a great conversation."

Ron Worman, The Sage Group

"We have been fortunate to have both Terry and Shawn from ProAct Safety present at our annual Safety & Quality Summit as keynote speakers and also to lead senior leadership workshops. Both times ProAct Safety supported our event, the feedback was extremely positive from all of our participants. Presentations were delivered in a dynamic manner and at a level that led to genuine engagement with the audience. It was clear that the material used and experiences relayed were based on many years of practical/real-world experience as opposed to academic theory — as a result, there was a very high level of credibility. Having been involved in a broad range of industries, both Terry and Shawn were also able to share different ideas and provoke thoughts and discussion on best practice across the safety spectrum."

Duncan Trapp, VP of Safety & Quality, CHC Helicopter

"It was an absolutely great experience taking Chuck and Terry's workshop in Houston, September 18-20. The broad and combined years of experience in the EHS world puts the Proact team on a higher plane than most. Insights into proactive measures for our EHS management systems, learned in the course, are already being applied at our company with real success. The workshop truly assisted my team in putting structure/framework around our BBS program, and it's already producing great results for Halyard."

Bill Swanger, Global EH&S Leader, Halyard

"The collaboration with ProAct Safety enabled BIC Stationery plants to go further in its prevention approach. Having our plants managers attend a workshop on Safety Excellence Strategy really changed their mindset and opened the door to new horizons. All the methodology and material supplied by ProAct Safety is very pragmatic and result oriented. You know you are not losing your time. Furthermore, Shawn Galloway is a fantastic speaker, capable of catching the attention of all as well as adapting its speech in difficult situations."

Sébastien Chaigneau, HSE Manager, Bic Group Stationery

"Terrific. Shawn did a fantastic job of kicking off our iP Safety Conference and Expo with his keynote. He provided valuable insight on understanding why you are getting the results you are and how to formulate effective strategies around safety. I highly recommend his books and him as a speaker."

David McPeak, Director, UBM Incident Prevention Institute

"I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for a job well done at our National Safety & Claims Forum. Shawn did an amazing job reaching our very diverse audience. Shawn delivered an excellent presentation. He was energetic, engaging and inspiring. His ideas and perspectives ensured take-aways for all! Shawn set the tone for a great conference. I would highly recommend Shawn for an engaging keynote address!"

Woody Collins, LEAD Manager, American Equity Underwriters

"Shawn spoke to our women's group about goal setting and it was absolutely inspiring. His presentation was relevant, personal, and relatable. The information and tips not only applied to our professional goals but also our personal goals. Every point he made resonated with everyone in the group and our discussions continued after he finished. We can't thank Shawn enough for his engaging stories and thought-provoking takeaways! "

Kristin Chestnutt, Cy-Fair Women's Club

" We brought Shawn in to lead a discussion with our NA EHS team to find new, creative ways to further shift our safety culture. I have had nothing but positive feedback from the discussion; he challenged our current thought process regarding our perception of continuous improvement within safety which compelled us to change our focus. The entire group was invigorated and ready to start on our new journey. Shawn brought forward a logical and seemingly simple path for us to succeed. I am looking forward to this new exploration."

Tom Furdek, NA Health & Safety Senior Manager, Ingredion

"I have been following ProAct for several years. Ever since I heard Shawn Galloway speak during a webinar, I remember thinking, 'This guy really gets it.' Shawn has a common sense approach to safety where common sense isn't always so common. The ProAct Safety books, articles and podcasts are great resources that I utilize time and time again. I hired Shawn to give a keynote address and workshop for our U.S. Operations Manager's Conference. It was truly a great event with so much positive feedback and deliverables that called our managers to action. Thank you Shawn!"

Craig J. Thede, HSE Manager, CBRE

"Shawn and his company have long been a voice of reasoned best methods in safety management. (I also greatly appreciated their support of our Management Practice Specialty at ASSE.) His counsel has always been spot on and readily useful within the safety realm. Thank you!"

David Bascom, Business Unit Safety Manager, POWER Engineers

"I'd like to take a minute to thank Shawn Galloway for delivering our Keynote Address to over 300 field contractors/workers and underground operators in Oklahoma and some folks from surrounding states. I heard a lot of positive feedback from those in attendance and his message really struck home for many of them.

We appreciate Shawn coming and sharing his industry expertise. I know people walked away with new ideas and information they can take back to their companies and put into action. I would recommend Shawn for other companies seeking an expert in safety... Shawn really helps you see things from a new and innovative perspective."

Susan Bohl, Executive Director, Oklahoma One-Call System

"The conference was one of our best yet! Thank you for being our keynote. Your talk resonated well with the audience and the feedback was great!"

Marlene Stanger, ESH Operations Lead, Monsanto Company

"Shawn is very detailed-oriented and produced great result for our company during his mission in Azerbaijan. His superb speech and presentations at Safety Leadership Conference brought it to success. I certainly would recommend Shawn Galloway for any audience willing to listen, learn and bring back to their companies valuable ideas."

Aydin Hajiverdiyev, Quality Assurance & HSE Department Director, Rovshan Oguz Group

At this point in our safety evolution Shawn's message was on right on target with what we needed. The presentation was excellent, participants engaged with participant scores and comments all in the upper range. My expectations were met by his presentation and several of the points he made initiated several conversations during the conference.

Glenn Baker, Director-Safety, Dairy Farmers of America

Spent Tuesday in a work shop conducted by Shawn Galloway (President of ProAct Safety and coauthor of several bestselling books including STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence (2013) and Forecasting Tomorrow: The Future of Safety Excellence (2015). Both of which I've had the pleasure of reading and personally recommend to be added to everyone's library). The amount and quality of the information during the work shop was almost overwhelming. I only wish I had had the ability to bring Shawn in for a two day workshop with our people

Dennis Leonard, Safety Director , Kiewit Mining Group

"Shawn Galloway delivered a keynote address on Creating and Sustaining Safety Culture Excellence® at Business & Legal Resources' Safety Summit... Many safety managers lauded Shawn's presentation style and content. They noted that he touched on many relevant insights into defining and achieving safety excellence that can serve as clear direction for launching a culture of excellence."

Laura Scott, Director of Events Content

"I wanted to express my appreciation to Pro Act Safety and Shawn Galloway, in particular, for his participation in our Annual Leadership Safety Conference. Shawn is an excellent speaker, and he really connected with the audience. I received numerous comments from our leaders about the positive message and in-depth insight he provided involving their role in safety culture. I can confidently say that everyone walked away from the conference with ideas about how they could improve their engagement with employees and help drive significant improvements in safety performance. Having read the book "Steps to Safety Culture Excellence" I looked forward to the additional thoughts Shawn would provide at the conference. Shawn did more than deliver; he left a lasting impression that has our organization eager to raise the bar! I would encourage any organization looking to advance their safety culture to reach out to Pro Act Safety. On behalf of my safety team and our company, thank you Shawn."

Al M. Payton, Director, Safety and Technical Training, CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric

"Awesome presentation. New information for me and I've been in this field for 30 years. Excellent speaker. Great topic. Must have at every conference. Great speaker/presenter and good topic. One of the best ones I have attended .... He had me wanting to research and look for more info on topic because it was presented so well. One of the best last day sessions. Hope to see him at future events. This is the best session I attended. Great topic and outstanding presentation skills!"

ASSE Safety 2014 Attendees

"Shawn's presentation was excellent, he found a way to engage everyone in our organization: from senior management to front-line worker. His presentation helped people to find their personal safety attitude in the performance of their jobs. This session helps our employee's step-up and become leaders in their own lives and to buy-in to safety for themselves. I would recommend Shawn to all organizations that strive for excellence!"

Adam Colbrese, Sr. Site Safety Professional, Exelon Nuclear

"Great book. We bought this for our leadership team to read. After reading it there were many questions that we had to ask of ourselves about our already Good Safety Program and Culture. Highly recommend getting this book if you want ways to improve your Safety Program and Culture."

Dennis Barnett

"We recently invited Shawn Galloway to speak at our leadership development training. Shawn's approach impressed me from the beginning. Instead of just rolling out a canned leadership presentation, Shawn asked us a lot of questions during our first phone conversation that were geared towards finding out what we wanted to accomplish by having him speak to our group. Shawn tailored his message to address our needs and our specific goals. Shawn's presentation was spot on and the group discussions that Shawn facilitated afterwards really got our team thinking of improvement strategies. Shawn's presentation and interaction with our team exceeded my expectations."

Stephen Laramore, Health & Safety Manager, Colowyo Coal Company

"The workshop was outstanding! The audience were engaged and the content you provided was excellent. I had many positive comments from the delegates and a few asked for your email, so I passed it on. I hope you don't mind. I am keen to work with you again in future so I will be in touch."

Adam Minkley, Project Director, DecomWorld

"I am pleased to highly recommend Shawn Galloway of ProAct Safety, for professional speaking and training engagements related to health and safety management.

Shawn provided both a keynote address, as well as a half-day workshop on safety culture excellence for our internal Company safety conference this year. Feedback from the sessions has been fantastic. In fact, Shawn's sessions were the highlight of the event, according to the participants.

Mr. Galloway's messages are delivered with a perfect mix of practical, easy to understand concepts, combined with excellent academic and thought provoking content. Having had the opportunity to see Shawn speak at other events, my expectations were very high when I engaged him for this event. Shawn was able to deliver a perfectly tailored presentation which exceeded my (high) expectations, especially in terms of audience response & feedback.

Since our conference I have had several requests from participants to review or discuss implementation of concepts from Mr. Galloway's presentations, and requests to have Shawn participate in future events. Both of these are strong indicators of the success and value Shawn brought to our event. I would highly recommend Shawn Galloway for companies who are looking for ways to drive performance and achieve excellence in health & safety management."

Dan Banta, Health Safety & Environment Manager (Americas), Pearson PLC

"Shawn will take your safety program to the next level with his keen insights and excellent teaching and coaching skills. Outstanding safety culture is not industry-specific, so no matter what industry you're in and no matter how well-developed your safety culture, you will appreciate his instruction."

Fred Miller, Safety & Health Bureau, Montana Department of Labor & Industry

"I have had the opportunity to hear Shawn speak on several subjects including; leadership and culture. His simplistic approach provides valuable insight on situations that are too often difficult to grasp. He also allows his audience to engage in meaningful and constructive Q & A which provides others the opportunity to question their approach and learn new methods. I would recommend Shawn for your next conference."

Hal Williams, Manager of Safety and Health, Bridgestone Firestone

"Shawn is an amazing speaker and presents interesting topics that are very relavant to the safety industry!"

NSC TX Attendee

"Another compelling perspective driving change how we do things in safety management."

"Definitely polished speaker and presentation. Directly spoke to my needs."

"This speaker was dead-on with this presentation."

"This was the best concurrent presentation that I attended at Safety 2013."

"Excellent summary models to use in explaining this to my management team and very logical presentation."

"Excellent subject with some key, actionable takeaways provided on what to measure to understand a team's safety behaviors."

"Very knowledgeable excellent examples and take aways. Wish he did more talks or longer sessions. Outstanding session."

Safety2013 Attendees

"I attended Shawn Galloway's presentation on "Zero Incident Goals create Risk-Taking Culture" at the 2013 ASSE professional development conference this year. In my opinion it was the best seminar of the entire conference, I have some excellent take-away I'm planning on using in my region... Thank you again for sharing your safety concepts and strategies, I'll be subscripting to your podcasts."

Russ Jeansonne, Midwest Region Safety Director, United Rentals

"Galloway's presentations provided excellent insight on safety leadership. His presentation of the various models for leadership were useful, but his depth of understanding and examples were particularly valid. In the Q&A session, he provided excellent guidance on how one achieves cultural excellence, which is particularly difficult in this age of transformation."

Richard Pollock, President, American Society of Safety Engineers

"We hired Shawn as our opening keynote speaker for our safety conference. Shawn delivered an excellent presentation. He demonstrated depth of knowledge on the topic of safety and developing a safety culture within and outside of the workplace. He was energetic, engaging and inspiring. He was able to connect with his audience of more than 550 individuals with diverse experiences and hold their attention. His ideas and perspectives ensured take-aways for all! Shawn set the tone for a great conference. I would highly recommend Shawn for an engaging keynote address!"

Judy Murphy, President & CEO, Safety Services Manitoba

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for coming to SafetFest last week. The thought of sitting through 8 hours of the same speaker didn't thrill me, but you did a terrific job. I enjoyed your presentation and got a tremendous amount of material and knowledge from it. I just finished entering the 12 pages of notes I took into my computer..."

Mark Rosenleaf, SafetyFestMT Attendee

"I am writing to express the Northern Occupational Safety and Health Association (NOSHA) sincere appreciation for being a part of our annual fall 2012 safety conference in Grand Forks, North Dakota at the Ramada Inn. Your keynote address "Safety Culture Excellence 101" and the Behavioral-Based Safety 101 breakout session were well received by the safety professionals in the audience. Many of the safety professionals I visited with said that 'Shawn created a spark in our minds that we need to implement more than the traditional safety methods to create an excellent safety culture'. Your dynamic delivery kept everyone alert, and involved. Again, thank you for your participation and energy in making the day a big success. You definitely exceeded our expectations! We definitely recommend your services to all companies and associations wanting to promote a positive change in their safety culture and management."

Rick Else, ND Workforce Safety & Insurance

"Shawn was recently hired to be the guest speaker for our annual BBS conference. He did a great job and was well received by the attendees for his knowledge of the subject and his presentation."

John Cobb, PQ Corporation

"Excellent Speaker - instilled hope in me to make a change back @ my company and gave me tools to start." "The topic was great!! The speaker is very knowledgeable and has a great approach to reducing injuries." "Shawn was a very easy to listen to. Great information and real life examples that he used in his presentation." "Brought new ideas to think about - a lot of information to take back to the workplace." "Excellent presenter with good information - loved the examples of actual assessments." "Numerous safety tips - Big picture thinking - practical applications - excellent Personnel/HR advice - great leadership training - mentioned lots of resources - simulated creative thinking - [shared] positive attitudes - confirmed good preventative like documentation and action planning - highlighted importance of good communication tools."

Anonymous Attendees, NOSHA Safety Conference

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of my company for the wonderful presentation you gave to us today. The presentation you gave was excellent. I learned a great deal and plan to follow your suggestions. The material you distributed will be most helpful, and I look forward to sharing it with several friends and coworkers who were unable to attend. Thank you again for such an informative and pleasant program."

Hussam Al-Kayali Ph.D., Operations Manager, Young Mfg. Inc.

"I attended your seminar in Grand Forks on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 and was very intrigued, I have been in HR/Safety for nearly 15 years now and this was by far the best safety seminar I have ever attended, thank you! ...thank you so much for the wealth of information you provided, but mostly for the motivation you sparked in me to try yet again to make some safety changes at my organization."

Corinna Carver, NOSAH Safety Conference Attendee

Mr. Galloway did a PHENOMENAL job in his presentation. I not only enjoyed his easy style, but learned a lot. Of particular interest was his diagram on the safety excellence "bridge." He also "hit the nail on the head" for multiple other areas (i.e., alignment in strategic direction, perception barriers, coaching, safety "branding" issues, etc.) Thank you so much for this most informative session!"

ASSE Safety2012 Attendee

"Shawn provided one of the best sessions this year. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided a very good session on how we can create an excellent safety culture. He had excellent analogies and graphics. Very good. I will definitely signed up to go to other sessions that Shawn provides."

ASSE Safety2012 Attendee

"Mr. Galloway packed so much detail into this 1 hour presentation that there was no room left for questions (but he subsequently did by e-mail). This was the best session I attended this PDC."

ASSE Safety2012 Attendee

"Congratulations, you made quite the impression at the Summit with your two presentations. It was time well spent, professional and most informative."

Alaska Occupational Safety Summit Attendee

"I thought your presentations were excellent out of all the classes I took last week I got the most out of yours!"

VPPPA Conference Attendee

"We were privileged to have Shawn speak for us at the 2011 EHS Conference sponsored by the ACIT. While competing for attendance against simultaneous presentations, Shawn's session was heavily attended... and they were not disappointed. Shawn is an engaging speaker who is passionate and knowledgeable. He inspires and challenges his audience to approach safety with a fresh perspective. We hope he joins us in future years!"

Alisha Nash, Director Sales & Marketing, Hunter Buildings

"Thank you for leading today's Congress 2.0 Webinar: 'Create a Sustainable Safety Culture.' The program was outstanding, providing our attendees with a great deal of actionable and thought-provoking content. In fact, we've already received several positive comments from attendees, who have praised the quality of the presentation. I, along with my NSC colleagues, greatly appreciate the time and energy you devoted to this presentation-and we look forward to collaborating with you on future NSC training programs."

Ralph Gaillard, Director of Virtual Education & Training, National Safety Council

"Best speaker to date of conference. Great topic and presentation, do not grade excellent on all aspects but Shawn is a exception."

ASSE Region III PDC Attendee

Best speaker so far! Great job Shawn! Relevant to any & all SHE professionals."

ASSE Region III PDC Attendee

"I am writing to express our sincere appreciation for being part of our annual ASSE Suncoast Chapter Professional Development Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Your keynote address "Building and Sustaining a Safety Culture" was well received and it kept all that attended glued to your every word, and they all seem to agree that it was one of the best ever! Receiving a standing ovation from this seasoned group of safety professionals is quite a compliment.

Your presentation supported our conference theme centered on Behavior-Based Safety and was engaging, entertaining, motivational and balanced with good substance for take-away utilization. Your dynamic delivery kept everyone alert, and involved. Again, thank you for your participation and energy in making the day a big success. You definitely exceeded our expectations! We look forward to working with you in the future."

Michael E. Adams, Vice President, ASSE Florida Suncoast Chapter

"Amazing!! Delivery was spot on. He is "Zig Ziglar Jr.". Will do great things for any company looking to improve."

Richard Tomlin, HSE Compliance Coordinator, Rowan Companies, Inc.

"Shawn is an expert on BBS, his in-deep knowledge is well shared when he delivers training. He shares good advice and is always positive and encouraging. An enthusiastic speaker that lets you see he is a BBS believer and true practitioner."

Victor Jaen, EHS Regional Manager, Ingersoll Rand