Lean BBS Certification Workshop

Virtual Workshop Agenda

Who Should Attend?
Corporate Safety Professionals, Site Safety Professionals, Trainers, and Process Facilitators
Guide to Selecting Effective Internal Consultants

Workshop Investment
$5000 per attendee

*Recommended Option: It is ProAct Safety's experience-based belief that to ensure success, materials should be customized to reflect the unique culture of the location and details of the process. Handout materials are provided for seminar use only and may not be copied or distributed. Electronic materials are not included. Workshop attendees interested in the materials may contact ProAct Safety to obtain a quote for a site, division, or corporate-wide useage license.

Workshop Leaders
Shawn M. Galloway - CEO, ProAct Safety, Inc

Workshop Description
ProAct Safety has successfully certified over one thousand Internal Consultants across every major industry. The Lean BBS Internal Consultant Certification Workshop is designed for organizations that desire to internalize and sustain their own approach to Behavior-Based Safety (BBS).

This intensive, highly interactive workshop will fully qualify attendees to return to their organizationsand design a customized plan to strategically implement or improve an existing Behavior-Based Safety process. This approach is ideal for companies who want to maximize their own ability to implement the most effective and efficient approach to BBS, regardless of challenging industry or logistics; or who want to ensure a proven approach to find new sustainable results while minimizing outside costs.

Creating Internal Capabilities
This workshop will train participants to utilize ProAct Safety's proven Lean BBS methodologies for facilitating an implementation. Most importantly, it will prepare the attendees to anticipate and address the issues that can challenge the success to Behavior-Based Safety approaches. Participants will be able to identify opportunities to minimize the perception of change, achieve the quickest success possible, and ensure long-term process sustainability.

This approach is much for than a train-the-trainer course, which are typically intended to teach individuals to simply deliver training on Behavior-Based Safety. Every site will have its own unique challenges and cultures. To allow the internal consultants the most opportunities for success, it is extremely important they understand and internalize the strategies to identify the site-specific variables that have become, or could become, problematic barriers.

Lean BBS utilizes aspects of performance and quality systems to drastically reduce the typical internal resource requirements of a Behavior-Based Safety process. Lean Behavior-Based Safety® focuses on leveraged use of resources resulting in quicker and more sustainable results in a shorter time, with less disruption to operations, and less resistance from workers and unions.

Participants will leave this workshop with the knowledge and skills to:
  • Conduct an assessment to determine site readiness
  • Strategically plan a custom implementation of BBS
  • Appropriately select steering team members and observers
  • Manage and coach the team through a BBS implementation or expansion
  • Ensure site leaders understand the process and adapt the process to the specific needs and culture of the site
  • Develop a site-specific checklist or focus of behaviors and precautions which will have the greatest impact on accident prevention
  • Choose from multiple observation and feedback strategies to ensure a customized approach that best fits their organization and challenges
  • Build a management-support infrastructure to ensure long-term success
  • Hold kickoff activities to start the BBS process
  • Monitor and audit the process to keep it on course
  • Continuously improve the process
Advanced Elements:
  • Change Management: The psychology of resistance to change, and how to avoid creating resistance
  • Culture Change Strategies - A Best Practices Approach
  • Advanced Assessment Strategies - Developing Quick Wins
  • Building understanding and support for the BBS process prior to assessment or implementation
  • Strategic options for implementation that customize the process for the site culture

Process overview flow chart

Re-energize Your Existing BBS Process
Unfortunately, it is common to see the results from many traditional Behavioral Safety processes plateau after the first two to three years of operation. At that point, the process can become routine and lose the original result-based orientation. The successes that motivated the process early-on disappear and the entire process tends to slowly lose momentum. Successful Behavior-Based Safety processes do not typically fade away, but can be much less effective than they are capable of being. This is the perfect time for BBS process improvement. Improvement strategies can accomplish several important objectives:

  • Attain the next step in accident-reduction results through better targeting
  • Increase the level of expertise in the personnel active in the process
  • Integrate new techniques to enhance existing observation and data analysis strategies
  • Re-energize the process utilizing Lean BBS techniques to improve results and increase employee participation
  • Reduce manpower requirements to maintain the process
  • Assess the existing Behavior-Based Safety process for foundations to build on
  • Make more efficient use of site leaders and steering teams
  • Narrow the focus of the checklist to improve efficiency
  • Focus observations where they will produce the best results
  • Learn tactics for continuous process improvement to ensure process sustainability

Certification through ProAct Safety, Inc. is valid for 3 years following the workshop. Internal Consultants must attend refresher training to maintain their certification and discover advances in approaches. All locations where Internal Consultants implement Behavior-Based Safety processes must be covered by the Training Materials License agreement.
Materials price guide available upon request.


"It was an absolutely great experience taking Chuck and Terry's workshop in Houston, September 18-20. The broad and combined years of experience in the EHS world puts the Proact team on a higher plane than most. Insights into proactive measures for our EHS management systems, learned in the course, are already being applied at our company with real success. The workshop truly assisted my team in putting structure/framework around our BBS program, and it's already producing great results for Halyard."

Bill Swanger, Global EH&S Leader, Halyard

"I have taken the Internal Consultant Certification. We are currently evaluating our terminals. This is a great concept! Its the next step to take after you have your traditional safety established. What I like about the program is the engagement by employees."

Tom Boehler, Director of Safety and Compliance, Erb Group of Companies

"We had a 100% reduction over the last 4 years!!"

Robert Ault, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC

"We just finished our Lean BBS Internal Consultant Workshop with ProAct Safety, led by Shawn Galloway. The feedback from the team has been outstanding. Shawn's ability to connect with a vastly diverse group of associates, managers and executives has been invaluable. His knowledge, ability, and most of all his flexibility in presenting the material has set us up for success. He was able to coach each of us on how to move from theory to practice using specific and well thought out examples and exercises. He engaged and motivated the entire team, the level of confidence soared after the session. We are all excited to get our employees engaged in the observation process and we are confident that it will have a huge impact on our safety performance and culture. Thanks Shawn!"

Mark Torch, Director of Environmental, Health and Safety, The McGraw Hill Companies

"Shawn and his company have been extremely helpful in the development of the Rexam safety process. As an internal consultant for Rexam, trained by ProAct, I have frequently sought help from Shawn in dealing with a variety of issues. His breadth of knowledge and experience has provided me with creative solutions to my problems."

Randy Klug, Director of Health & Safety, Rexam Beverage Can

"I first had the pleasure of meeting Shawn at his Lean Behavior-Based Safety workshop. I was amazed not only at his mastery of lean philosophy and behavioral science, but also his ability to synthesize the two and communicate the resulting approach to safety in a thoroughly practical manner. Since then, I have continued to learn a great deal from Shawn both directly in conversation and indirectly through his many journal articles blog postings, and webinars. He is always available, always helpful, and always practical. I will continue to look to Shawn for wise counsel and confidently commend him to you for the same."

Todd Hickerson, Director - Health and Safety, Mission Foods

"Shawn and ProAct Safety implemented Lean BBS at one of our manufacturing facilities as a pilot implementation and we followed up by having them train our EHS staff to be internal consultants and implement ProAct's program corporate wide. Shawn and the ProAct team do an excellent job of implementing BBS. They've remained our partners for 6 to 7 years and are always available when we need assistance or an opinion. Shawn is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent speaker/presenter. Any chance I get to hear Shawn speak always leaves me inspired and with renewed energy for safety and behavior based safety."

Todd Miller, Corporate Environment, Health and Safety Manager, Herman Miller