Book - Forecasting Tomorrow:
The Future of Safety Excellence

Book Cover

Authors: Shawn M. Galloway and Terry L. Mathis
Publisher: SCE Press
Released August 7, 2015

Is Your Safety Strategy Ready for What's Coming?

The marketplace and allocation of internal resources are both increasingly competitive. Safety strategies of the future must align with evolving business goals. Will your company's safety efforts keep up with the demands of the future?

Emerging trends are becoming increasing visible regarding how safety is viewed, thought of, strategically managed, and how progress is measured. Moreover, the cast of characters, the roles they play, and accountability for responsibilities are evolving, all for the better.

The seven predictions found within this book are based on the authors' years of deep experience as trusted safety advisors across all industry sectors. Follow their actionable recommendations to test strategies, then anticipate and adopt superior practices.

Tap this vital industry intelligence to create a powerful, sustainable safety culture for your business and turn it into a competitive advantage.

From the authors of the best-selling book, STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence!

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"Excellent and feasible safety culture predictions. Love the book. I will apply the insight. Would recommend this any strategic safety professional. The future of Excellence Safety Culture is now!"

Santos Martinez

"A company cannot be great without having a great safety culture. This book allows us to 'see the future of safety' and take steps to make sure we are ahead of the pack."

Paul Walsh, President & COO, Ascent Tooling Group

"I had the honor of reviewing STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence by Shawn and Terry prior to its release and found I had to read it twice just to fully grasp the astounding knowledge and expertise that was between the covers. In reviewing their latest collaboration, Forecasting Tomorrow: The Future of Safety Excellence, I am once again amazed and impressed. This is a book that all levels of management MUST read. To bring the major shift necessary in many safety programs/philosophies/cultures it is imperative that those managing the companies must think with strategic priorities and possibilities and have set plans for specific periods of time. This book is an insight as to the true future that can await us in our pursuits toward safety excellence. When I find that I can't stop re-reading the material, I know I've found a winner. This book is a homerun! I strongly recommend, no, encourage, all those who manage, or hope to manage, successful safety teams read this book."

Dennis Leonard, Safety director, Kiewit Mining Group Inc.

"This book is a great companion to STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence. Both books challenge the status quo of safety and challenge the reader to rethink traditional safety 'knowledge.' Where STEPS laid out what the journey to safety excellence might look like, this book describes what you might see along the way.

For years, safety professionals have pushed for the elevation of safety within an organization. Now that safety is gotten the attention of senior company leaders, safety professionals are pushed to show value to the organization and alignment with their organization's strategy... not in an altruistic way but in a real-world, business way. This requires a change in mindset for executive, operational and safety leaders. How do we continue moving our thinking from 'Zero' to excellence.

In addition to the strategic elements of safety, this book also discusses how safety programs, metrics and technology will need to be integrated into business strategies for organization success as well as furthering safety excellence. It also challenges the current roles of safety professionals and consultants and looks at how they might provide more business value in the future.

While there may still not be a silver bullet, Shawn and Terry have found 'the yellow brick road' toward safety excellence and are enthusiastic guides."

Kelvin Roth, Director Corporate Environmental Health & Safety, CF Industries

"Once again, I compliment both Shawn and Terry for their dedication to continue to challenge our way of thinking as it relates to safety as well as how we approach safety excellence within a business culture. As an EHS professional in the Oil & Gas Industry, this book has done an excellent job forecasting trends as well as provoking new thoughts around the advancement of Safety Excellence which I have been able to apply directly to our organizational strategy. I encourage functional and operational leaders as well as EHS professionals alike who have a desire to further develop the effectiveness of their safety culture within their organization to read this book and apply its principles."

Sean Atkins, Vice President - Environmental Health & Safety, Enlink Midstream

"All of the predictions ring true and are helpful in preparing us for heading that direction. It is good thought provoking information that should be required reading for management prep. Leaders and safety professionals who read this book will have an opportunity to set themselves up to be on the leading edge of safety excellence as this movement unfolds."

Leslie Kantor, Safety Manager, NW Natural

"Forecasting Tomorrow provides an in depth look at how the field of safety is progressing beyond traditional safety management approaches. This book is a must read for any safety professional that wants to continue to adapt to the changing environment we support. Shawn and Terry provide great insight into the value in aligning and integrating safety into business in a very practical manner. Thanks Terry and Shawn for another great reference for safety and business professionals alike!"

Cory Beliveau, Manager Health & Saftey, ARC Resources Ltd.

"What a thought provoking read! I love the positive connection that Shawn and Terry make between production and safety, neither have to come at the cost of the other, but actually enhance one another.

Great read! Terry and Shawn are spot on if organizations adopt Transformational Measurement into their measurement equation. It would take companies to new level of focus."

Brian Scott, President, CoreCulture

"This is a sensational book which every forward-thinking leader should read. I love the author's message that safety should have a strategic approach that focuses on value, rather than the old-school mentality of MORE programs. Take their advice to heart and you'll truly be achieving success, rather than avoiding failure."

Greg Ford, CEO, TalentClick

"Peter Drucker once famously said that 'Culture eats strategy for breakfast.' No amount of procedure or technology - the other two legs of a comprehensive safety program - can overcome a poor safety culture.

Forecasting Tomorrow predicts a near-term future influenced by transparency and reputation, driven by social media and responsibility. A future where safety moves from tactics oddly separated from business strategy and policed by 'safety cops,' to a competitive advantage led with commitment throughout an organization. A future where safety is no longer regarded as a cost, but an investment - a core value recognized by management, workers, shareholders, and customers alike.

Forecasting Tomorrow is a great read for those willing to take on the mantle of safety leadership in the coming years."

Steve Ludwig, Program Manager - Safety, Rockwell Automation Inc.

"Shawn and Terry's book elevates the critical goal of Safety Excellence from a risk management initiative to a key driver for Operations and Business Excellence. Oil and Gas, manufacturing, and mining organizations and consultants will find game-changing insights here."

Katherine Molly, Principal, Northland High

"I think the book is excellent and challenges many currently held convictions about safety excellence, such as "zero injury" safety programs being something to which EHS professionals and corporate leaders should aspire, perceived acceptable risks versus unnecessary risks and promoting a "safety culture" as opposed to safety being ensconced as part of the business culture and included as part of business decision-making.

Through their travels and meetings with corporate and safety leaders around the world, I think that Terry and Shawn probably have a better idea than most about the trends impacting safety and safety performance and are accurate in their predictions about the future of safety excellence, the most profound of which is the integration of safety into the business culture and the demand that metrics focus on value and not just meeting numerical goals like zero injuries (aka "failing less").

As the old saying goes, "If you want the same results, keep doing the same things." But as Terry and Shawn point out in Forecasting Tomorrow, "If we seek different results, we must ask more intelligent questions and realize today's answers will be antiquated tomorrow." Having a strategic plan and working that plan to achieve sustainable safety excellence - rather than creating programs to achieve specific goals - is something that business leaders understand and safety leaders need to adopt. True corporate leaders should lead safety like they lead production and other aspects of the business. Shawn and Terry are right: "Safety culture is an aspect of company culture and cannot be delegated or outsourced."

Sandy Smith, Editor-in-Chief, EHS Today

"Once again Terry Mathis and Shawn Galloway have provided a logical progression of thought on the importance of evolving the culture of Safety to prevention based contribution to bottom line business results. This is an important read for any executive to understand how growing a culture of Safety will deliver better results than slogans or campaigns."

Arron S. Angle, Executive Consultant