Lean Behavior-Based Safety ® - Observer Training

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Lean Behavior-Based Safety ® - Observer Training

Lean Behavior-Based Safety ® - Observer Training

Price: $1,300.00
Description: Duration 3-part 65 minutes plus facilitated discussions

Whether you are just implementing a new Behavior-Based Safety process or want to add life to an old one, this video will fit the bill.  Providing consistent and effective training to new observers or re-training already-functioning observers is a proven way to increase employee engagement and improve the quality of both feedback and observation data. 

This video is designed to help you provide the exact same level and quality of training to all your observers.

The first section of the video explains the goals and the steps of performing an effective observation.

Part two of the video has a customizable menu of examples of common behaviors (both safe and at-risk) from BBS checklists.  You can select the items on your customized checklist from the menu to provide practice to observer trainees.

Part three gives the steps and examples of providing effective feedback after the observation and making sure to identify factors that influence worker decisions.

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