Using Near-Miss Data

Using Near-Miss Data for Successful Loss Control

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Using incident data to improve safety is nothing new. However, when the goal is attained and your accident data starts to lose its statistical significance, what can be done? Near-miss data can help fill in gaps left by dwindling incident rates, and provide clear information with which to focus. But near-miss data is problematic to gather and often misinterpreted. Learn how to avoid common problems and take an important step toward more proactive safety metrics.

Learn to:
  • Achieve accurate near-miss reporting
  • Determine the most effective accident prevention strategies
  • Use your data to its fullest potential
  • Develop a standard term and definition for a near-miss
  • Review examples of the best reporting systems and forms in safety
  • Enhance motivators and reduce demotivators that impact reporting


"It was a most stimulating workshop, well paced and required a lot of participation of the attendees in small groups. Very effect. Highly recommend this workshop. Too bad it was only one day."

Attendee, ASSE's Safety2012 PDC

"It was truly a very timely and positive experience to have attended your workshop. It was a shot in the arm for me to have the opportunity to interact with you and to observe your style. Seeing the passion and excitement that you have for your believe in what you do is really contagious. I have mentioned to several people at ASSE what a great workshop you put on AND that there should be more of the type of workshops."

Bob Debner, Sr. Risk Engineer, Zurich Services Corporation