The Transformational Leader

The Transformational Leader: Establishing Cultural Excellence

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Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) professionals face an increasing challenge, one that intensifies with each new hypercompetitive priority. It is little wonder why organizations strive to move safety from a priority to a value. To create these shared values within an organization, they must be reinforced at or near the point of decision. In principle, this always holds true. In practice, accomplishing this grows increasing difficult.

Simply stating that safety is a value at an increasing frequency and passion does not make it so. The successful HSE leader of tomorrow cannot simply work towards value creation; they must become a transformational leader.

Key Issues Addressed During Workshop

  1. The challenges facing future HSE leaders
  2. Redefining safety excellence
  3. Transformational opportunities for further cultural and performance improvement for organizations already leading in safety efforts
  4. Best practices of top performing organizations in safety and operational excellence
  5. Strategies to self-diagnose for transformational opportunities within your organization that will put you onto the path to safety excellence
  6. Proven elements of the safety culture excellence model and behavior of the best companies to sustain this desirable goal
  7. How to engage employees in safety, solicit discretional effort, and create a workplace culture that is committed to sustaining safety excellence
  8. Updated safety models and approaches that have resulted in millions of annualized savings
  9. A review of the better practices of excellence cultures
  10. A review of the elements of Safety Culture Excellence®


"The Management Committee of MARCSTA would like to express its appreciation for the Safety Culture Excellence training program conducted by Shawn Galloway of ProAct Safety Inc on 30th November 2011 here in Perth. Feedback from attendees has been excellent with 97% indicating approval of the delivery, 87% finding the sessions most useful and 89% expressing their interest in attending future workshops. Members of the Management Committee found the content relevant and stimulating and the enthusiasm and professionalism of the program co-ordinator outstanding. This organization would re-engage Mr Galloway when the opportunity presents itself and would strongly recommend his involvement to other interested organizations. Thank you for delivering precisely what we had hoped for."

Patrick Gilroy, Director of Safety & Health, MARCSTA