Safety Metrics 101

Safety Metrics 101: Expert Insight into Safety Measurement

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What is the best measure of safety performance? Is it the traditional recordable rate, severity rate, cost of accidents, near-miss numbers, physical audit scores, behavioral observations, percent safe, or perception surveys? The best answer may be "All of the above."

Achieving safety excellence has taught us that most safety executives are not getting the results they want because they are not measuring what they want. Moreover, it is easy to forget that sometimes an imprecise measurement of the right thing is better than a precise measurement of the wrong thing.

This enlightening workshop explores the misconceptions that currently hinder the best and brightest safety leaders from achieving and sustaining measurable safety excellence. Gain insight into a better-practices approach to safety measurements currently being utilized by many of the best in safety.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to measure what is important in safety
  • Move from lagging to leading indicators
  • Evolve from leading to transformative indicators
  • Learn how the current measurements demotivate discretional performance
  • Learn how to use transformational measurements to motivate performance
  • Learn how to measure and manage performance, rather than results
  • Principles of effective measurement systems
  • A conceptual overview of a Balanced Scorecard for Safety Metrics


"I just wanted to send along this note to say thank you for such a fantastic kick off to our virtual symposium on metrics! I though it covered a lot of great content, brought up some new ideas and sparked some excellent questions at the end!"

Dan McNiell, Manager Education Development, ASSE