Private BBS Conference

BBS, like any worthwhile endeavor, requires professional development. Facilitators, steering-team members, observers and the leaders supporting the process will be busy and motivated during the implementation and development stages. After the initial momentum, stasis and burnout can begin to attack. Professional development can overcome them and keep your process on course. Find opportunities to network, get new ideas, and be reminded of the importance and potential of what you are doing. This renews the spirit of engagement and empowers the driver of continuous improvement, necessary for long-term sustainability and value.

Renewal: In war, the inspiring ideas on the recruiting posters begin to fade as the soldiers meet the reality of the trenches. BBS creates an inspiring vision of new ways to attack potential accidents, but the day-to-day battle and other priorities and workplace realities wear away at the vision. It is important to periodically renew the vision and revitalize the motivation to succeed.

Networking: If you want to be successful, associate with successful people; catch their spirit and learn their unique ideas. Little in life is as motivating as learning you are not alone and that others share your vision and challenges. Those who have been successful inspire those still struggling and everyone learns how to take their process to the next level. Networking can also begin relationships that help long after the conference is over and establish contacts for ongoing support and mentoring.

New Developments: BBS is a dynamic process and new techniques and approaches are developed each year. Sharing case studies and object lessons from innovators of BBS is a sure way of expanding the opportunities for success and sustainability. Learn to renew and transform BBS to better fit your site culture.

Alternative Strategies: Almost every site that implements BBS chooses the path strategy that seems best at the time of implementation. After more experience with BBS, alternative ways begin to make sense and new opportunities unfold as you learn how others progressed, what worked for them, and why. Staying with one strategy may be the way to future success, but exploring options and validating that strategy is a very valuable exercise, best accomplished with the help of experts and others who have been successful.

Reward: Say thanks to the people who helped make your BBS process successful by sending them out to learn how to make it even more successful.

For the right ideas and tools to take your BBS process to the next level, please contact ProAct Safety to help lead your own private BBS Conference.


"Overall was a great experience. Good, useful information. ProAct has a great team. The willingness of the attendees to share information is wonderful."

Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"The speaker had good energy that seemed to energize the rest of the group. There was a lot of good information and good group discussions."

Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"I appreciated the discussion into the process and the tools that were presented. The precious two days away from my duties was time well spent. I attended a BBS conference a couple of years ago and did not feel that I gained any knowledge or tools that could be applied. I will recommend to others."

Linda Wright, Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"I enjoyed the post conference very much and got quite a few good ideas going forward to help in the training and documentation of coaching done by the supervisors. Recommend this training to everyone."

Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"Very pleased with the learning opportunity. It is not often that I learn a great deal at conferences any more, but that was not the case in Houston."

Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"The presenters were very passionate about BBS, and that in turn made a very attentive, and interested audience... I was very impressed with this format. Very professional."

R.B. Price, 2011 Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"I came away from the first two days of the conference with 8 pages of notes and suggestions on what we could be doing better or how we could improve. I think that was pretty valuable."

Kirk Miller, Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"More productive than most. From the discussions we had at the conference, we produced a laundry list of improvement ideas, suggestions, and general topics to discuss with the rest of the BBS team. Instead of rehashing what we already know, this conference helped us examine and modify our processes to change and adapt with our group's learning curve. We came away with practical tools to continue our development."

Daniel Polley, 2011 Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"Day 1 was great. Shawn was a master at getting the whole crowd involved. I learned a lot throughout the day. The combination of speech and work really kept me involved the whole day. The day flew by."

Mark Casebeer, 2011 Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"It was awesome and liked how Shawn used his daughters in a slide to become real to the crowd and show how BBS is portable. Rekindled alot of ideas we've not used in awhile. Liked working with other companies to feel out their culture of safety."

Leland Grubb, Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"Shawn did a very good job in presenting the information. I really liked the interaction with other participants during the class. This was helpful."

Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"I appreciated the conference and got a tremendous amount of value from the material presented. I appreciate your sending the pictures so promptly as I am currently working on rolling out the BBS approach in China and am actually finalizing the Leadership Communication and will use the pictures in that. I was very impressed with the LEAN approach and think it makes much more sense than the more rigid approaches used by some."

Annual BBS Conference Attendee

"Thank you so much. The conference was wonderful and we learned so much!"

Annual BBS Conference Attendee