Behavior-Based Safety 101

BBS 101


BBS 101

This session is designed to be an introduction to the rationale and practice of BBS for newcomers and a thorough review for participants at the workforce and management levels.

The supporting roles of management and supervisors will be discussed. The support roles in BBS are less active than the participants' roles, yet more critical for success and sustainability. In addition to understanding what BBS is and how it works, managers and supervisors need to know the rationale for having a process and the strategies for ensuring it is successful.

Being well grounded in the principles and practices is a basic need for success to both those who are implementing or renewing BBS processes. The course will cover every major facet of BBS including the following:

  • The philosophy and science behind BBS
  • The rationale and ROI (return on investment) of BBS
  • What leads to union resistance and how to involve unions for support
  • Selection criteria and functions of a BBS Steering Team/Committee
  • Time-away-from-work requirements of Steering Team members and Observers
  • Key roles, responsibilities and expectations (RREs) of those participating in the process
  • Manager's and Supervisor's support roles
  • The responsibilities and benefits of employees in a BBS environment
  • Start-up cycles for BBS from implementation to maturity
  • How to communicate BBS to the workforce
  • Support and resources needed by the process to ensure success
  • How to posture BBS in relation to other safety efforts and programs
  • How BBS impacts safety culture and how to utilize BBS as a safety culture building tool
  • How to keep the process results oriented
  • How to guarantee process sustainability
  • How to refresh and renew an existing BBS process

Attendees will be thoroughly versed on the basics of BBS to either return to a project or attend a Private BBS Conference with purpose and focus.

*Session does not include strategy for implementation. See Lean BBS Certification Workshop