Private Mentoring and Coaching

ProAct Safety regularly mentors, advises and coaches both business and safety leaders across all industries, as well as safety consultants and training firms. This page is dedicated to outline how we mentor, coach and advise individuals on their personal goals. For business or professional-related coaching, visit this link.

Helping you achieve your individual objectives and deliver substantial value benefits you both personally and professionally. The mentor and coaching programs are conducted by either Terry Mathis or Shawn Galloway, based on your preference and our availability.

Three Programs Are Available:

  1. Strategic Advantage Mentorship
    • The strategic advantage program provides six months of unlimited access to your mentor and coach by email, phone, skype, etc. Once engaged, the process begins with a discussion to identify your personal goals, objectives and measurements of progress, as well as the frequency of coaching that best suits you. Admission is limited, waiting list available. The fee for this program is $3,500.
  2. Guided Leadership & Coaching
    • In addition to the value within Program 1: Strategic Advantage Mentorship, your coach will take a more active role in leading you through the six month support cycle with planned conference calls, weekly to monthly, as necessary. A detailed plan, actions, timelines and measurements will be established to track results to which the coach will play lead role. This helps to increase and ensure self-accountability for your efforts to meet the established goals and will fast-tracks the effort due to the increased concentrated support led by your coach. The fee for this program is $6,000.
  3. Personal Focus on Transformation
    • In addition to the value within Program 2: Guided Leadership & Coaching, this program is for the individual looking for more personal interaction, support, mentorship and in-person coaching. During the six months of support, there are two opportunities to meet with your coach in their home or office, dining expenses included. As the purpose of these meetings are to support personal and professional goals, spouses or significant others are encouraged to participate in as much of the discussions as they would like. It is recommended the visits are spaced throughout the coaching time for maximum impact. The fee for this program is $9,000.

Contact us to discuss which program is right for you. Fee is required to begin the process or to be placed on the waiting list. The fee is non-refundable.