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Since 1993, ProAct Safety has operated with the sole purpose of helping organizations achieve and sustain safety excellence. This focus has led the firm to become recognized as the world's most successful provider of Safety Excellence Strategy and Execution, and Leadership Development at all levels of our client organizations. Even leaders without an immediate need for a structured project or scope of work may occasionally want expert advice and to know that a trusted advisor is available quickly if needed. Support contracts are flexible agreements designed to meet current needs as well as contingent future needs that could arise. As established experts, our firm can be very busy, and as such, we book mentor availability on a first-come, first-served basis. While it is not common, ProAct Safety might place prospective mentees on a wait list.

Leader Mentoring Introductory Program: Finding Focus

Finding FocusProAct Safety will support, advise and coach an individual for six months in their efforts to improve their effectiveness in their role and their influence as a leader. During this timeframe there is no running meter for support. This allows ProAct Safety to be available as much as needed as a sounding board for advice, coaching and strategic counsel. During this time, the individual will be provided unlimited access to Shawn M. Galloway (CEO of ProAct Safety) during the week by email and phone. The individual may also make contact in emergency or critical situations beyond these provisions. During this period, ProAct Safety will share new developments and advances in thinking to help the individual continuously challenge status quo and seek better, improved practices. A typical engagement begins with both parties discussing and studying your current situation and what expectations and outcomes are expected. This is followed by development of mentoring goals, supported by daily, weekly or monthly scheduled calls. Fee payment will initiate engagement or claim to a place on the wait list.

Leader Mentoring Guided Program: Execution & Accountability

Execution & AccountabilityIn addition to the six-month Introductory Program, the Guided Program leverages a carefully structured and highly-accountable relationship between the two parties. ProAct Safety takes a more active role in selecting the highest priority development areas and crafts a detailed road map with specific dates of completion built-in. Using the road map as a "North Star," the mentee will report to ProAct Safety on accomplishments and/or obstacles to success in formally scheduled status calls. The Guided Program is available to all leadership levels in the organization and is remarkably successful with individuals who recognize the need for more intense structure, and for those who struggle with bouts of professional procrastination.

    In addition to mentoring, the fee includes:
  • a. BBS Webinar Series: 1-year subscription, with on-demand access to all previous topics, to the BBS webinars. More information may be found here:
  • b. Safety Excellence Series: 1-year subscription, with on-demand access to all previous topics, to the Safety Excellence webinars. More information may be found here:
  • c. A USB drive containing all currently published articles and podcasts for resource and professional development.
  • d. A signed copy of each book authored by Terry Mathis and Shawn Galloway for professional development.

Leader Mentoring Advanced Program: Goals and Strategy

Goals and StrategyThe Advanced Program is an in-person "jump start," meant to trigger a level of engagement not available with the other two options. Think of it as "total immersion," and expect to spend considerable time on personal and company goals and strategy. The Advanced Program consists of a very full 1-day visit with Shawn Galloway in Houston, TX where ProAct Safety will work on your professional development plans. It is not uncommon for spouses and significant-others to attend and enjoy some down-time with us, over dinner, included in the rate. Advanced Program clients are automatically enrolled in the Guided Program for six months.

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