BBS, like any worthwhile endeavor, requires professional development. Find opportunities for renewal, and learn of new developments and alternate strategies.

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September 12 2017: Behavior-Based Safety: From Surviving to Thriving
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Any methodology that creates new results can also as a byproduct, create a new culture. If the process doesn't keep up with the new reality, it will almost certainly become an awkward fit. Is your BBS process simply surviving, doing all it can to avoid failure or is it thriving, adding new value every day? This webinar explores simple and practical steps to breathe life into any BBS methodology and even measure how precisely your process is thriving.

November 7 2017: Behavior-Based Safety: New Results Through Efficiency and Cost-Consciousness
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After assessing sites with mixtures of all major BBS methodologies, one thing is common, lack of efficiency. This webinar explores opportunities for significant improvements in how the process is structured, focused, data leveraged and continuously improved. Learn how hundreds of organizations of all sizes have easily found vast opportunities to be better cost-conscious and make their processes lean (efficient and value-focused).

January 2018: Behavior-Based Safety: Internal Implementation Considerations
Would you purchase a vehicle with the hood welded shut? Probably not, but this analogy precisely represents how organizations tend to invest in behavior-based safety (BBS). When a company has determined it is ready for a behavioral approach to injury prevention, who should lead the implementations: external or internal consultants? As experts in BBS, we believe organizations should look first at internal capabilities. After auditing and enhancing hundreds of existing BBS processes in every major industry, one unfortunate truth cannot be refuted, organizations that do not attempt to internalize the expertise necessary for long-term BBS success in the beginning rarely do so later on. When the most important information to the process is largely externalized, a consultant must remain on-call, which is not the healthiest way to lead a major improvement in any area of operations. The stickiest of culture changes are led from within. This webinar explores internal implementation considerations that should be part of any plan around BBS.

March 2018: Structuring Support: RRRs of BBS
All disappointment is based on established expectations. Are your expectations of the many Roles, Responsibilities and Results clear, repeatable and, most importantly, happening? This session focuses on how to establish the essential RRRs for everyone involved or supporting your process for sustainable success.

May 2018: Best Practices & Lessons Learned: Stories from the Field
ProAct Safety has been implementing BBS process since 1993 across all major industries around the world. With over 2,000 projects completed, this session will share humorous short stories: the good, the bad and the ugly. The anecdotes used during this webinar will help organizations with mature processes or about to embark on developing their own, appreciate what is necessary for a process to be successful and how it can easily go in the wrong direction.

July 2018: BBS 101: For Employees
This webinar is designed for an audience of hourly employee and explores the rationale and practice for Behavior-Based Safety (BBS). Attendees will learn the history of BBS, an overview of the different methodologies, what leads to success and how to avoid failure, how it directly benefits the employee on and off the job (including their family) and the important reasons for getting involved and becoming an influential safety leader for your colleagues.

September 2018: BBS 101: For Union Leaders
This webinar is designed for an audience of bargaining unit representatives (union members and leaders). It will explore how BBS works and how it is a situational tool only to address one aspect of safety. This webinar also explores the seven deadly sins of BBS and what Unions should know to be able to lend their support for a successful outcome.

November 2018: BBS 101: For Managers & Supervisors
This webinar is designed for the manager and supervisor in mind. An overview of BBS will be provided as well as an in-depth journey through what it takes to make it work and avoid failures. Common roles, responsibilities for the leader will be covered, critical for the success and sustainability of a customized process for any operating environment.

January 2019: BBS 101: For Executives

March 2019: BBS 101: For Your Contractors

May 2019: BBS 101: For the Family

July 2019: Company Politics: Snipers and Lessons Learned

September 2019: Deadly Sins & Vital Signs: Killing and Reviving Processes

November 2019: Observation & Feedback: Cop or Coach?

January 2020: Process Indicators: Quality, Quantity or Transformative?

March 2020: Identifying and Creating Action Plans

May 2020: Software: What you need and what to avoid