Outsourcing Safety

December 31 2017
By: Terry L. Mathis

Which aspects of safety should an organization handle internally and which ones should be outsourced? Unfortunately, that decision is often made based on budgets, emergencies, knee-jerk reactions, or the popularity of some outside safety program. The real criteria for such a decision should be quite different. Some messages are better received by a person inside or outside the organization. Insiders tend to make the message official while outsiders are more often viewed as experts. So what is the message? Would it be better received by an official spokesperson of the organization or by a leading expert who can bring new ideas and practices?

Outsourcing Safety

The three reasons new ideas and programs meet resistance are:

  1. People don't believe the message or don't believe the new program will work.
  2. People don't like the new message or program.
  3. People don't like the messenger.
Outsourcing should be a decision based on who is the most effective and believable messenger.

Terry L. Mathis

Terry Mathis, Founder and retired CEO of ProAct Safety, has served as a consultant and advisor for top organizations the world over. A respected strategist and thought leader, Terry has authored five books, numerous articles, videos and blogs, and is known for his dynamic and engaging presentations. EHS Today has named him one of the '50 People Who Most Influenced EHS' four consecutive times. Business leaders and safety professionals seek Terry's practical insight and unique ability to introduce new perspectives that lead to real change.

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